Playgrounds are source of community pride

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 20, 1999

L’Observateur / March 20, 1999

DEAR EDITOR: With all the bad press that has been given to the St. John RecreationDepartment, I would like to say something positive. I grew up in LaPlaceand can only remember one local park right across from the Baptist church on Ormond Boulevard. I was in kindergarten back then, but I remembervividly stopping there in the afternoons with my Dad. There were someswings, a large slide and those rings like gymnasts use. I remember myDaddy would have to hold me up and I’d hang there until my arms ached, then drop to the ground. Those were great times. Then they built theapartments that are there today where that playground was. I went awayto college, later moved to Metairie and worked downtown. The one thingthat was always missing from LaPlace was a park or playground.

In 1989, my husband and I bought our first home here in LaPlace. We’vesince had two children. Each time we wanted to take the children to thepark, we had to pile everyone up and head to Metairie to Lafreniere or all the way into town to City Park. It was an all-day affair.I am so thankful and appreciative to the persons responsible for building the playground across from LaPlace Elementary. My first visit there wasbittersweet, as I remembered riding my bike up to the swimming pool, which used to be there. I remember a kiddie pool and a high-dive. Thosewere great times, the times kids remember. It is so wonderful to take thechildren for just an hour or so for playtime on a Friday afternoon. Theequipment is in good working order and the people who are enjoying this facility are friendly and neighborly. My husband and I have even stopped bywithout the kids to swing and talk. I encourage the people, the politiciansand those who serve our community to continue to build neighborhood parks. This is something that LaPlace has needed for a very long time. Itshows that LaPlace is a good place to raise a family and that we are concerned with the future of our children.

And to those who deserve bad press, I ask that you consider the children.

You are just starting to make headway by opening these parks. Please don’tstop! Continue to invest in our community and the future of our kids. Andplease don’t stop with one. I would love to see a park in every subdivisionsimilar to the numerous neighborhood parks that are in the Baton Rouge area. We can do it through the continued efforts and support of the peoplewho have done just that by opening the Greenwood Park. Keep up the goodwork!

Carla Kervin Ringuetta LaPlace

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