Straight Talk From Straight Kids

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 17, 1999

By GEOFFREY MICHEL / L’Observateur / March 17, 1999

This past Sunday, around 8 p.m., while studying for a test, I realized it was myweek to write the article for this column. I had no clue what to write about. MyMom was of no help. My sister, Monique, suggested we should all just focus onher problems. My three younger sisters, Lauren, Elise and Victoria, werewatching cartoons. They were as helpful as my mom.My dad picked up the paper to skim it for ideas. He read, “Clinton backs policeethics training.” I thought about pointing out how ridiculous that was, butfigured that it would be too easy. So, I came to the conclusion that I would just skip this week’s article.That’s when I remembered what my friend, Stephen, who was once kicked during an organized basketball game) said, “Don’t run away from your problems.

Drive, it’s a lot faster.”Stephen sure wanted to drive away from that basketball game.

So, I then realized that I can’t quit something just because I sometimes experience difficulties. I thought of my mom, who in 1992 was faced withadversity. She was diagnosed with leukemia. She went to Houston, Texas, fortreatment, and my sisters and I stayed with my wonderful aunt and uncle. (AuntMonica, can I stay Friday to play basketball with Kane? Anyway, my mom faced every difficulty she encountered with trust in God, and she became well again very soon. A couple of months later, she was pregnantwith my sister, Victoria Grace. She then made a statement to a newspaper thatVictoria was her rainbow. I asked her if that meant that I was the storm.Are you about to quit something because it’s getting tough? Even though I was tempted to not write an article this week, I decided to write one anyway, and I just did.

P. S. My prediction for the NCAA Men’s Champion – Duke, Women’s Champion -Tennessee.

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