Parishes deserve millions in tax income

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 17, 1999

L’Observateur / March 17, 1999

Sen. John Hainkel filed another bill in the upcoming legislative session totake away millions of Waterford 3 tax revenue from St. Charles Parish,despite the fact that other parishes weren’t bidding to have Louisiana Power and Light build that power plant in their own parishes. St. CharlesParish did agree and paid the price, while Entergy enjoyed the benefit of a 10-year industrial ad valorem tax exemption.

Now, with millions of dollars pouring into parish coffers, Hainkel seeks to leech off the bulk of it for other parishes who want the power produced at the plant but didn’t want the plant in their backyard.

It was a brave step, and a costly one, to have a nuclear power plant in their community. St. Charles Parish paid the price. Now, they deserve tocontinue to reap the benefit. If anyone deserves a slice of that pie, it isSt. John the Baptist Parish. But Hainkel should go whistle for thosemillions.

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