St. John Parish gets chunk of change from largest property taxpayerL’Observateur / Febuary 3, 1999LAPLACE – Larry Echelberger, manager, and Dan Ehrhart, division controller, of Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC’s (“MAP”) Louisiana Refining Division in Garyville, recently presented checks for over $7.3 million to St. John theBaptist Parish tax collector and Sheriff Wayne Jones representing the company’s 1998 property taxes.

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 3, 1999

The exact amount of the checks $7,307,919.19 equals approximately 70 percentof all industrial property taxes and 39 percent of the total property taxes collected by St. John the Baptist Parish this year, which again ranks MAP as thelargest property taxpayer in the parish.

Echelberger stated that since 1988, the amount of taxes paid to St. John Parishhas increased 58 percent from $4.6 million to $7.3 million, not includingmillions more in other taxes paid, such as sales and use tax.

Echelberger also noted that MAP’s contribution to the parish and state is not limited to the amount of taxes paid, MAP also conducts business with over 100 local merchants and suppliers and generates a significant amount of employment for area residents. MAP presently employs approximately 455regular company employees at its refinery and approximately 290 contract employees, on average.

The company has invested millions of dollars in Garyville to fully comply with new environmental regulations and enjoys one of the best environmental records in Louisiana. MAP’s Garyville Refinery has also been recognized by OSHAfor its commitment to safety and health as the refinery is one of only five in the United States which is an OSHA STAR facility.

Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC and its employees contribute to the community through involvement with the Louisiana Technical College, River Parishes Campus, public education, volunteer fire departments, charitable organizations and other activities.

Echelberger stated “We want to be a company that the community is proud of and at the same time remain competitive so the community can count on us for continued support.

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