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Published 12:00 am Monday, January 18, 1999

ANNA MONICA / L’Observateur / January 18, 1999

If their children are involved, there’s good chance Suzanne Remondet of Reserve and Mary Ann Duhe of LaPlace are, too. Recently, they were foundin the familiar role of supporting their children who attend St. Peter’sSchool in Reserve. This time it was the raffle of a nativity scene tobenefit Rod Remondet’s and Michelle Duhe’s run for the school’s ball.

Suzanne has long big supporter of the school. She holds a position on theboard at St. Peter’s School, which she has been affiliated with for at least17 years. Her son, Rod, 13, is in the eighth grade and is involved in sportsat St. Peter’s, including baseball.Married to Ralph Remondet, their daughter Danielle works and also attends Delgado, where she studies occupational therapy. Son Roman now works,too, and also attended St. Peter’s.In addition to her position at Fifth Ward Elementary School as curriculum coordinator, Suzanne is the coordinator of CCD for the St. Peter CatholicCommunity.

A native of St. James Parish, Suzanne helps her mother, Mrs. DanielMelancon of Paulina, to care for her father. For recreation she and Ralphlike to go dancing, out to eat or to the casino. Her children are the chiefbeneficiaries as any extra time this busy lady can find is used for them.

Mary Ann Duhe, originally from Metairie, has been here for 16 years and is married to Phil Duhe, a lieutenant with the St. John Parish Sheriff’sOffice. She has worked for River Parishes Hospital for 16 years, and herthree children are Lisa Vicknair, a Southeastern graduate now in nursing school at LSU, Terry Thomas and Michelle Duhe, a cheerleader at St. Peter’s.

Once in a while Mary Ann and Phil go to the casino, and they like to visit family. With their children being a priority, granddaughter Jenna Vicknair,a student at St. Peter’s, gets her share of their time as does 13-year-oldMichelle, who is heavily involved in activity. Mary Ann feels that there isalways some family activity that needs her.

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