Ascension of Our Lord students celebrate King’s legacy

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 18, 1999

By Stacey Plaisance / L’Observateur / January 18, 1999

LAPLACE – Ascension of Our Lord School celebrated the memory of Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr., Thursday with a special presentation held in thechurch.

“Love is a Rainbow of Colors” was the theme of the program, which began with students carrying paper chain links to the church altar. The chainswere constructed of various colors, representing a linking together of all races.

The students who created the chains were in Clara Radcliff’s second- grade class and Lisa Hoover’s fourth-grade class at AOL.

The Our Lady of Grace Children’s Choir of more than 30 vocalists, conducted by Donald Warren, sang an inspirational array of songs illustrating freedom, peace and joy. Warren is also a teacher at Our Ladyof Grace.

The Rev. Benjamin Piovan of Ascension of Our Lord and the Rev. JosephRodney of Our Lady of Grace presided over the program. Both said theywere fortunate and grateful to have been allotted the opportunity to witness such a program.

Opening thoughts for the event were given by first-grader Karl Butler, followed by a prayer said by seventh-grader Michael Pecoraro. The prayerwas titled “Today We Bow to You in Unison.”A special message of unity was given by Clara Radcliff, who has been a teacher for 21 years, 14 of which have been at Ascension of Our Lord.

The program introduction was given by fifth-grader Keya Parquet, and the introduction of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was presented by eighth-graderEric Horne.

Daisy Gurdian, an eighth-grade honor student and Junior Beta Club president, gave a special tribute to Radcliff and King, titled, “I’m Thankful.” The tribute was for King and his courageous accomplishmentsand Radcliff for her contributions as a teacher.

The Ascension of Our Lord Choir and congregation closed the presentation with a special song, “Pass It On.” The lyrics illustrate the power of God’slove, despite race, gender, age or nationality.

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