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Published 12:00 am Monday, January 11, 1999

By HAROLD KELLER / L’Observateur / January 11, 1999

Representative Bob Livingston of Louisiana was deprived of his being U.S.Speaker of the House because of one man – Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler, a controversial skin magazine. No, Larry Flynt has never beenelected to any office. His claim to fame is promoting pornography andbeing proud of it.

Larry Flynt loves President Clinton and I can understand that. (Birds of afeather flock together.) In defense of what Bill Clinton did, Flynt offered$1 million to anyone who could prove that they had an affair with a member of Congress. Evidently, someone came forth to receive the bloodmoney and gave enough information on Livingston’s extra-marital affairs to ruin his reputation and force him not to seek the Speaker’s position.

(Let me assure you that I have never been a fan of Bob Livingston, in fact, I was disappointed when he seemed to have the House Speaker’s position sealed up.)My dislike for Larry Flynt over the years has been close to hate. Isometimes forget that it’s OK to hate the sin but we must love the sinner.

Last week, I read that one of President Clinton’s supporters said that they would prefer their daughter be raised by Larry Flynt than by Bill Bennett of the Reagan administration. Bill Bennett is a Christian, a champion offamily values, and a pro-life advocate. My initial reaction was: How sickhas our society become? My feelings for Larry Flynt and Bob Livingston didn’t change until today. Iwas reminded by a news story that God is the creator of us all – even evil was created for a reason.

The scheduled news article on Bob Livingston’s sexual affair in Hustler magazine was pulled by Larry Flynt. Why? According to a news release,Bonnie Livingston (Bob’s wife) called Flynt and, in an emotional appeal, asked him to spare her family of any more suffering and embarrassment.

“We’ve suffered enough,” she said.

When I read the report about Mr. Flynt’s decision to honor the humbleappeal of Mrs. Livingston, I was reminded of an old saying: “What comesfrom the heart reaches the heart.”In the news article, I also saw a picture of Mr. Flynt in his wheelchair – acripple. I was then reminded that sin will cripple and disfigure any humanbeing. For the first time, I felt sorry for Larry Flynt. I realized that butfor the grace of God, I could be a “Larry Flynt.”I had to repent for having such a condemning spirit. The Bible says we arecreated in the likeness and image of God, including Larry Flynt.

I thank God for giving Bonnie Livingston wisdom and the boldness to rescue her family from further suffering. I also thank God for touching theheart of Larry Flynt with compassion and understanding. I think we can alllearn a valuable lesson from Bonnie Livingston and Larry Flynt. I know Idid.

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