Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 9, 1998

By Lee Dresselhaus / L’Observateur / December 2, 1998

So…..This is a True Story. A guy in Clearwater Springs, Fla. is suing a stripjoint- er, a ‘Gentlemen’s Club’ and a stripper- uh, rather, an ‘exotic dancer’ for damages because he claims she gave him whiplash when she used her apparently considerable endowments to hit him in the head. Thedancer, named Tawny Peaks, (no, really) apparently did this for his amusement during his bachelor party, which was being held in her place of employment (the Gentleman’s Club, though why they’re called that I can’t say. I think it’s safe to assume there wasn’t a gentleman in the place),thus victimizing this poor innocent guy during his quest for good clean fun.