Riverside rolls on against Newman

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 30, 1998

LEONARD GRAY / L’Observateur / November 30, 1998

RESERVE – As looks can be deceiving, so can football scores. Riverside’s30-14 victory over Newman was just as deceptive a tally, as New-man’s Greenies were never a factor in the game.

Indeed, Newman didn’t get on the scoreboard until early in the fourth quarter, struggling to overcome a halftime 24-0 deficit.

Meanwhile, Riverside’s Casey Remondet slammed into the Greenie defense for more than 100 yards, scooping up real estate almost at will.

Riverside, 13-0, advances to the semifinals where they will face Oak Grove. Oak Grove defeated Clinton, 53-22, Friday. Newman finished itsseason at 11-1.

With Eli Manning at the helm, Newman picked up the opening kickoff at their own 35 and ended their opening 9-yard drive with a punt. Riverside,helmed by Joey Poirrier, swapped off between Remondet and Brandon Delaneuville to a 14-yard TD by Remondet with six and a half minutes left to the first quarter clock.

This opening score was called back, though, on a clipping call, forcing the Rebels to take first blood with a 38-yard field goal by Kaleb Mayes with 5:15 remaining.

This got the Rebels the taste for the victory, and Dustin Zimmer proved it by shutting down the short-lived Newman drive which followed the kickoff. Zimmer’s snare gave the ball back to Riverside at their own 40. The drive soon sputtered and a punt to Newman set the Greenies up at their own 32.

From that position, Manning’s team struggled to midfield, then edged back on an ineligible receiver penalty and Riverside accepted the punt at their own 41.

Going into the second quarter, Keith LeBlanc scored the opening TD on a 38-yard pass from Poirrer down the left corner. The PAT by Mayes wasgood and Riverside enjoyed a 10-0 lead with 11:00 remaining to the half.

Newman gained only five yards on their next drive following the kickoff reception but the punt planted the Rebels back on their own 14. From thatpoint, Riverside struggled nearly to midfield until a Poirrer pass connected with Gary Entremont, who was barely nailed at the Greenie 2- yard line.

Poirrier slammed over the middle for the next TD and with Mayes’ PAT, Riverside was sitting on a 17-0 lead with 3:39 remaining in the half.

Again, Newman struggled to put together an offense and coughed up the ball on a punt after only two yards gained. Riverside accepted the ballback and LeBlanc edged it to the Newman 46 on the return.

Remondet carried for four, then Delaneuville leaped 26 yards, which set up Remondet’s TD reception in the end zone. Mayes’ PAT made it 24-0 with1:14 remaining in the half.

To give an indication as to the lopsided nature of the game thus far, Riverside led on first downs, 9-1, and on total offense 263 yards to 68 for Newman.

Riverside accepted the opening second half kickoff but after a drive which picked up 20 yards, the punt was bobbled, then blocked, then recovered by Newman at the Rebel 31 yard line.

With the best chance at a score so far, Manning rifled four consecutive passes – all incomplete. This turned possession back to the Rebels at theirown 36 yard line (the Greenies picked up a 5-yard penalty during the passing display) with 5:45 remaining in the third quarter.

Riverside crept downfield to the Newman 30 as the fourth quarter opened but a fumble gave possession back to the Greenies at their own 25-yard line.

Finally, at this point, the Newman offense found its groove. With a 64-yard pass, Manning connected with Merrick Egan for a touchdown with 11:02 remaining in the game. The 2-point conversion pass, Manning to WillWalter, was good and Newman trailed 24-8.

Riverside accepted the kickoff and launched their next drive from their own 20. Remondet carried seven times out of the ensuing 11 plays, whichended with Britt Waguespack’s 12-yard TD with 4:58 remaining to the game. Mayes’ PAT was blocked and Riverside led 30-8.Newman again proved they had their offense clicking, but it was far too late to do much good. After receiving the kickoff, Manning speared sevencompletions and carried for 12 yards as well to help edge the Greenies to their final touchdown.

That came with a Manning-to-Will Walter, 2-yard pass with 3:05 left to the game. The 2-point conversion pass was overshot with Riverside stillleading, 30-14.

Newman tried an onside kickoff, but Riverside recovered and proceeded to burn up the clock remorselessly, Remondet carrying five times for 20 yards as time ticked away.

Remondet carried 29 times for 142 yards as the Rebels rolled to 414 total yards. Manning finished with 146 yards on 11 completions.

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