Past comes alive at school’s Pioneer Days

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 25, 1998

MICHAEL KIRAL / L’Observateur / November 25, 1998

PAULINA – Students at Paulina Elementary got into the spirit of Thanksgiving as the school held its second annual Pioneer Days last week.

Last year, parents and members of the community got involved with making presentations about aspects of the history of St. James Parish. Butthis year organizers decided to make the program more interactive for the students. Parents and community members were also asked to bringsomething from the past to show the students.

On Tuesday, the Houma Indians made a presentation and showed how they made tools and crafts. The students then made ice cream and friendshipbracelets.

Wednesday, Neil Falcon of the St. James Historical Society taught thestudents how to grind corn. Charlie Duhe, also from the Historical Society,showed the students how shingles used to be chopped from wood. Studentsthen glued painted Santa Clauses, made by parent Sharon Louque, on the shingles.

Students also collaborated with classmates to make paper quilts. Eachstudent would make a square stuffed with moss and the squares would then be sewn together to form a quilt for that class.

Shirley Rizzuto brought a churn that had been in her family and showed how butter used to be made. The students then had an opportunity to makebutter by shaking a jar of cream with a classmate.

On Thursday, students dressed up as pilgrims, Indians and cowboys and had class pictures taken in an Indian campground scene. The students werethen taken for a hayride by Todd Roussel.

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