We survived so that we can help

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 11, 1998

L’Observateur / November 11, 1998

We in the River Parishes have been, indeed, fortunate this year during the 1998 hurricane season. Tropical Storm Frances took direct aim at southLouisiana. Then, at what seemed to be the last possible moment, the stormveered east and headed into south Mississippi to wreak havoc there. Morerecently, Hurricane Georges likewise took aim at Louisiana. With nearlyevery forecaster predicting dire results of the storm’s impact, the storm unexpectedly veered off again. Many people commented that it seemed aprotective bubble hovered over Louisiana, saving us.

Now we know, in the wake of Hurricane Mitch, why we were spared.

South Louisiana is, of course, the natural jumping-off point for relief efforts being mounted all over the United States to funnel food, water, medical supplies and emergency workers to the stricken nations of Central America. It appears obvious now that without the earlier stormshitting this state, we were spared so that we can effectively gather the supplies and manpower and get it quickly to Honduras, Nicaragua and the other afflicted countries where the death toll has mounted well into the thousands.

Let us take this opportunity, handed to us by our own deliverance, and help our neighbors to the south. We have the resources, the experience and thedrive to make this relief effort work.

There have been many times in the past where Louisiana had to be the recipient of emergency aid after a disaster. We’ve also had to take care ofourselves in the past. We know how to take care of our neighbors down theblock. Let’s show we can help our neighbors in Central America.Let us band together and demonstrate to the world that we can also pull together and be the giver of such aid where it is so badly needed.

Clean out your closets for old clothing. Contribute money to help getmedical supplies. Pitch in and help. We know how to help one another. Weknow how to receive help. Let’s show that we can give it as well.


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