Company raffling home for children’s charitySTACEY PLAISANCE / L’Observateur / November 11, 1998The tri-parish area has been invited to participate in Rollin’ Homes’ Christmas raffle for a new $30,000 partially-furnished home.

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 11, 1998

The raffle is being held in six parishes, including St. John, St. James andSt. Charles, and tickets can be purchased in the name of a needy family,individual or anyone interested in owning a new home. Tickets are $15 perchance and can be purchased at participating Wal-Mart store locations. Allproceeds will go to the Children’s Miracle Network. Other participatingparishes are Livingston, Baton Rouge and Ascension.

Affordable ticket prices and an increase in community demand for manufactured homes has helped make this first-time project well received, said Roger Smith, manager at Rollin’ Homes in Prairieville.

“We’re not selling our tickets for hundreds of dollars,” he said. “Ourtickets are low cost, and our homes are growing in popularity as an affordable housing alternative.”Smith said only about 30 percent of Americans nationwide are able to shoulder the expense of site-built homes through local builders, and manufactured homes are growing in popularity.

Some Rollin’ Homes employees have purchased raffle tickets for needy families in the area, Smith said.

“I looked up the names of some of the less fortunate families, and I bought raffle tickets for them,” he said. “Some other people who work here havedone the same.”Rollin’ Homes owner Gary Millet said the company has been fortunate in its success over the years and the raffle was a means by which Rollin’ Homes could give something back to the community.

“This was an opportunity for us to give back to the community and help a good organization,” Millet said. “The Children’s Miracle Network does somuch for the children in our community.”With many charities from which to choose when considering a contribution of time, money or merchandise, there are several reasons why the Children’s Miracle Network was selected by Rollin’ Homes. According toCMN representative Adrienne Gale, proceeds from the raffle will purchase equipment, provide supplies and attract health care professionals in order for sick children to receive the best of care locally. In some cases, thecharity organization has provided for care otherwise financially out of reach, Gale said.

It is stated in a CMN information brochure that, “Every dollar raised is dedicated to making and keeping the children of our community healthy.

Happy, healthy kids mean a brighter future for all of us. All funds raisedlocally during the annual broadcast or at events throughout the year stay right here to help the children served by Our Lady of the Lake.”The home being raffled is currently on display in the parking lot at Wal- Mart on Siegen Lane in Baton Rouge. The three-bedroom, two-bath house ismanufactured by Fleetwood Homes and features 1,178 square feet of living area with plywood floors, central air and heat, Northern insulation and lifetime vinyl siding and brand new living room and dining room furniture.

Millet said Fleetwood manufactured homes have met the highest Housing and Urban Development codes and are more reputable now than they were years ago.

Deadline to purchase raffle tickets is Dec. 17, 1998, and the drawing willbe held at halftime of the Dec. 20 New Orleans Saints game. The winnerwill be announced on the Fox 44 network.

For a listing of participating Wal-Mart locations, prospective ticket- buyers can call Gary Millet or Roger Smith at (225) 673-4520.

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