Businesses sign up to help Redirection CenterL’Observateur / October 28, 1998GARYVILLE – The newest public school in St. John Parish is proud to announcebrand new business partnerships. The Redirection Center is a specialized schooldesigned for students who are not successful in traditional schools because of disruptive or illegal behaviors. Now, still within its first full year of operation,the Redirection Center has announced three new business partnerships.

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 28, 1998

Riverlands Insurance Agency, V.J. Rollo Security and, most recently, C&CCabinetry have pledged their support for the Redirection Center and the St. JohnParish School Board.

Principal Perry DiCarlo is excited about being “adopted” by these local companies. He has planned activities designed to encourage parentalinvolvement in their children’s education.

“Parents are very important to a child’s performance in school both academically and socially,” he said. “This year we have four planned parent daysat the Redirection Center. Our second involvement day is Oct. 27 with a parentluncheon. I sincerely hope that many parents are in attendance that day. We willhave a hot lunch and a special guest speaker, Harold Keller.”All of the public schools in the St. John district enjoy relationships with localbusinesses and industries. Among other things, their participation includescovering the cost of such luncheons.

Still, the Redirection Center is a different type of school. Students who havebeen recommended for expulsion from regular campuses or who have been adjudicated by the juvenile court system will have one last chance to complete an education, or to be returned to the mainstream classroom, thanks to the Redirection Center. This makes support and involvement even more important.”Somebody has to believe in these kids and give them a chance,” said Vincent Rollo, owner of V.J. Rollo Security and Riverlands Insurance Agency. “We’re justproud that we are able to be the ones to do so.”In addition to financial donations, DiCarlo hopes to provide demonstrations of skilled craftsmanship for his students from Mike Carmouche of C&C Cabinetry.

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