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Published 12:00 am Monday, October 19, 1998

By Harold Keller / L’Observateur / October 19, 1998

Last week, I spoke at Recovery Works, a halfway house on Bank Street in New Orleans. About 40 to 50 drug addicts were in attendance. The roomwas crowded and the air conditioner didn’t work that well. I spoke forabout 45 minutes and really got into the message. After the meeting, Iwas soaking wet from perspiration. Even my tie was partially wet.A few of us gathered on the outside (it was cooler there) and one man asked, “Where do you get all that energy?” I just smiled as another one asked how old I was. “Sixty-four,” I answered. “You ever get burned out?”he asked. “No, it’s impossible for me to get burned out.” I answered, to mysurprise. (The Bible says that the Holy Spirit will give you the right wordsat the appropriate time.)The young man said, “I know many counselors who get burned out.” I thensaid, “I know that, and the reason they get burned out is because they are trying to play with people’s minds. They think they can, personally, fixthem. I know that it is not in my power to change anybody. I never play amind-game with people. I just ask God to use me as a vessel to touch thehearts of people. You see, it’s impossible for me to get burned out ifnothing depends on me. I’m just being used, knowing that God has to do allthe work.”The few men in the small group looked at me, some confused, and one said, “Man, that makes sense.” It’s amusing how God will use people if theydon’t interfere with His Spirit. The people that know me know very wellthat sometimes I hinder the Holy Spirit by trying to interfere with God. Inother words, I think that I can touch people and when I do that, wherever I am, or whomever I’m with, the final result is always failure. When Ihumble myself and allow God to use me, the results are awesome.

For example, last month I spoke to freshmen at East St. John High School. Ireceived 36 letters, all positive. Why? Because that day I allowed God towork through me. Allow me to share one of the letters:

“Dear Mr. Keller,”I would really like to thank you for coming to East St. John and talking tous about real love. I really do think that the students act the way they dojust because of the lack of love. I really do agree with what you’re doingand I want to encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing and remember that God will give you the strength to do it.

“I really appreciated what you did because some people are afraid to do things like that. Even for me to hear what you said and see what you didreally uplifted me and taught me about real love. I know you don’t think so,but from what I saw and heard, you are real.

Sincerely, LaTanya Thompson

P.S. Thank you!”

Note: The only reason LaTanya thought I was real is because that day, I was humble and God used me. What LaTanya really saw was an emptyvessel, me, with a real God.

Harold Keller is a regular columnist for L’Observateur.

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