Grandparents get involved in education of children

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 14, 1998

By STACEY PLAISANCE / L’Observateur / October 14, 1998

GARYVILLE – “Grandparents Day” was recognized Wednesday at the St.

John Parish Child Development Center to increase parental involvement with the students during their educational experiences.

The program was sponsored by Head Start Program and the Child Development Center. Social Service Coordinator Sheila Baloney said eachmonth the center holds an event or activity that includes parents and gets them into the classroom with their children.

“Because this is a federally funded service, it is required that we have so much parental involvement,”: Baloney said.

With approximately 20 students per class, Baloney said the “Grandparents Day” celebration was well received. She said she estimated that about 75percent of the students had family representatives at the event.

“Some of the parents came to bring the grandparents, and that helped make a good turn-out,” Baloney said.

Refreshments were provided for family members by the teachers and their assistants, as the grandparents had the opportunity to observe the classroom environment and learn with their grandchildren.

Each grandparent present received a card from his or her grandchild. Thecard read, “Grandparents are special, Grandparents are sweet, Grandparents are the dearest people you’ll ever meet.” The cards weresigned by the students and sealed with love and a Hersey’s kiss.

“Grandparents Day” was the parental involvement activity for the month of September, but due to Hurricane Georges, Baloney said the program had to be rescheduled for Wednesday. A Halloween event for the students andparents will be held later in the month, she said.

Darolyn Lumar is the Head Start Parental Involvement Coordinator.

The Child Development Center consists of seven Head Start classes, two kindergarten classes, one Starting Point class and one non-category class for special education students.

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