Drainage in LaPlace Park Subdivision

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 21, 1998

L’Observateur / September 21, 1998

DEAR EDITOR: In response to Mr. Al Arabie’s statement of Sept. 16 in L’Observateur on drainage in LaPlace Park Subdivision: I don’t know where Mr. Arabie was observing the water from, but it surelywasn’t from the 600 block of Magnolia, Camilia or Gardinia streets.

The water was coming up very fast, just feet from our homes. Ourneighbors and I thought we were reliving Hurricane Juan all over again.

But, thanks to Mr. Duaine Duffy, Mr. Nickie Monica and Civil Defense, wecalled and they responded. Mr. Duffy and Mr. Monica were able to start thesecond pump and sandbag the levee where the water was going over.

So, Mr. Arabie, in the future, don’t say you are talking for all of LaplacePark Subdivision, because you are definitely not. Get your facts straight.Roy L. Firman, Barry Firman, Pop Top, Danny R. FirmanLaPlace

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