Art students decorate jury room

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 31, 1998

By STACEY PLAISANCE / L’Observateur / August 31, 1998

HAHNVILLE – Destrehan High School Art III students had their artwork permanently displayed Wednesday in the grand jury room of the St. CharlesParish Courthouse.

Judges Emile St. Pierre and Robert Chaisson hosted a reception for thestudents and their families to view the display of artwork, which represents characteristics of Louisiana and its people.

The project was initiated by Destrehan High School art teacher Sylvia Hebert, who served as a juror last year and said she thought the room needed some improvement.

“When I had jury duty in here I just couldn’t stand the bare walls,” Hebert said. “That’s when I came up with this idea.”Hebert has been a teacher at Destrehan for 22 years, eight of which she has taught art. Debbie Kelly, also an art teacher at Destrehan, was alsopresent for the event.

The artwork displayed in the jury room are Xerox copies of the originals maintained by the art students.

St. Pierre and Chaisson expressed their gratitude to the students for theircontribution, and St. Pierre openly invited more contributions fromDestrehan and other schools in the parish.

“Hahnville said we need their artwork in here, and as soon as they offer, we have the room,” St. Pierre said. “I think this room came out very nice,and we have more rooms to fill.”Holly Gagliano and Gretchen Driscoll said it was a great honor to have their artwork selected for display.

“It makes me feel good to know that now the jurors will look at the walls with our work on it,” Gagliano said.

“It was such an honor, and it was good to meet the judges,” Driscoll added.

Amanda Brawner had three of her pieces displayed, Jennifer Chapman had two pieces displayed and Angele Chauvin, Monica Gongora, Holly Gagliano, Gretchen Driscoll and Kristen Schmidt had one piece each displayed.

Destrehan graduates whose artworks were selected for display are Nicole LaBranche, Andy Tamplain, Jonathan Millet and Wendy Wall.

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