Is Kenneth Starr after justice or book sales?

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 17, 1998

By Stanford Caillouet / L’Observateur / August 17, 1998

DEAR EDITOR: The President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky affair – it seems that this is the only thing that is happening in the United States.

Is this a money-making deal for Starr, Lewinsky, and others to make money on book sales? Why is it that this issue is so important to the press? I know that this issue sels papers. Shouldn’t the news media help thepeople pay for Starr’s investigation with some of their profits? Is all this publicity leading up to book sales? Is the news media involved in trying to influence book sales? In the event any books are published, then all proceeds should go to the United States Treasury to defray the cost of Starr’s investigation.

Why should the citizens of the United States pay to find out that the President slept with this woman? I believe that is an issue for him, his wife and the other woman.

If the government would investigate everyone in political office for having sex outside of his or her marriage, we the people cannot make enough money to pay for these actions.

So to the members of Congress, pass a bill stating that any proceeds from books or any other profits will go to the U.S. Treasury.Stanford Caillouet New Sarpy

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