Ashton Plantation development plans could be ready for review in a monthLEONARD GRAY / L’Observateur / August 12, 1998LULING – Plans for the massive Ashton Plantation residential development, between the “old Luling” area and Interstate 310, could be ready for public review as soon as a month from now.

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 12, 1998

Gregory Lier, vice-president of Rathborne Land Co., said, “We’re just aboutwrapping up the master plan,” and he added the drainage impact analysis is being concluded at this time.

When the plan is completed it will be forwarded to the St. Charles ParishPlanning and Zoning Department, with an idea to push through the Parish Council a planned developmental district ordinance.

Lier said such an ordinance would avoid tedious, piecemeal approval of the development and help smooth the path for construction by approval of a development plan.

The Ashton Plantation development is estimated to include anywhere from 1,000 to 1,900 residential units of sizes varying from townhouses to large single-family houses with 80-foot frontages.

Lier added he hopes lots will be ready for marketing by April 1999, with sales and construction under way by fall 1999.

However, he continued, don’t look for an immediate flood of new residents to the area, as he calculated it would take upwards on 20 years to completely fill the new subdivision.

Besides the homesites, Lier said 100 acres are being set aside for small commercial development, such as a supermarket and a pharmacy, as well as a school site to help handle the influx of children this development is expected to bring.

Areas are also being discussed for recreation within the development, Lier added, such as playgrounds connected by bicycle trails.

The 1,625-acre Ashton Plantation was purchased from St. CharlesHoldings Co. nearly a year ago, in September 1997, by a partnershipincluding Rathborne Land Co. and Levert Land Co. for $2.2 million.Lier noted the development will come onto the market at a time when surrounding residential areas become filled. It will offer a prime locationwith quick interstate highway access into Jefferson and Orleans parishes.

In the time since the Ashton purchase, several new subdivisions have appeared in the LaPlace area. Other residential areas, from Jefferson toSt. Tammany parishes, are quickly filling up, leaving this section of high,well-drained, prime property ripe for development.

“I think we’re truly in an ideal location,” Lier said. He acknowledged otherselling points to potential buyers include the school system and the sheriff’s department.

It will be promoted as being only 30 minutes from metropolitan New Orleans and as an alternative to LaPlace or St. Tammany Parish.

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