East St. John coaching positions restored

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 10, 1998

LEONARD GRAY / L’Observateur / August 10, 1998

RESERVE – Five coaching positions were unexpectedly eliminated at East St. John High School, the St. John Parish School Board learned Thursday.The board reinstated the positions.

Apparently, the move was made by Lou Valdin before he left the athletic director position at the school as part of a cost-cutting measure to help remaining coaches have improved pay.

Five coaching positions do not necessarily mean five people. One coachcould be a head coach in one sport and an assistant in another, meaning two positions, for example.

Coaches were formerly paid under a complicated and confusing salary supplemental schedule, based upon whether they were head coaches or assistant coaches, personnel director Alfred Donaldson said.

However, the formula was filled with problems which resulted in some coaches not being adequately paid for the amount of work they did. Thisended up with some coaches leaving the poor pay.

A new formula has now been implemented , similar to that of band directors and the like, based upon a fixed percentage of their teacher base pay, and whether the coach is a head coach or an assistant coach to determine the percentage amount, Donaldson explained.

With those five positions, that totals an estimated $7,500 per year, he said.

“Coach Valdin had a very easy relationship with this department,” Donaldson said. “It was a good faith effort on his part. I don’t think he wastrying to hurt the school.”The coaching positions have been reinstated, including a new girls soccer coach.

In other matters before the St. John School Board, a presentation wasmade of the Pupil Progression Plan revisions, with no action taken.

Also, the board approved a student/athletic insurance plan presented by Dave Millet on behalf of Insurance Center of New Iberia and Mutual of Omaha. The insurance serves as a secondary policy for athletes and mayalso be purchased by non-athletes.

The board also approved extending the school day at John L.Ory Elementaryby 15 minutes and releasing students early once or twice each month.

Parents would be notified in advance, and the purpose is to accommodate in-service training for teachers in the magnet program.

The updated student information system policy and procedures manual was approved by the board and a survey of interest will be conducted on establishing after-school care programs.

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