12 young ladies vying for Sugar Queen title

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 5, 1998

L’Observateur / August 5, 1998

RESERVE – Twelve young ladies will vie for the title of St. John SugarQueen as the St. John Sugar Queen Pageant celebrates its GoldenAnniversary Saturday night at St. John Theater.The pageant is scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m.Tracey Burger, Sugar Queen XLIX, will relinquish her crown to one of the following participants in this year’s contest: Sadie Marie Lambert, 19, daughter of Maurice and Bernadette Lambert of Reserve.

Aimee Jolly, 21, daughter of Jerry and Theresa Jolly of Reserve.

Amanda Lynn Madere, 17, daughter of Gary and Carolyn Madere of LaPlace.

Shauna Ann St. Pierre, 19, daughter of Linda and Matthew Ory of LaPlace. Kara Kristina Keller, 20, daughter of Albert and Kaye Keller of LaPlace.

Ashley Marie Tamplain, 22, daughter of Perry and Dawn Tamplain.

Jessica Lea Jacob, 17, daughter of Blane and Joshlyn Jacob of Reserve.

Kelly Ann Madere, 19, daughter of Rene and Trudy Madere of Reserve.

Amy Marie Schum, 19, daughter of Galen and Debra Schum of LaPlace.

Jacquelyn Annette McGhee, 17, daughter of Dwight and Sheila McGhee of LaPlace.

Tara Anne Williams, 21, daughter of Leo Williams and Aleta Scharwath of LaPlace.

Tamara Laine Broussard, 18, daughter of Lance and Debbie Lorio of LaPlace.

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