River Region arts group gets help

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 3, 1998

L’Observateur / August 3, 1998

Members of the Board of River Region Arts & Humanities met this summer with Suzanne Parsons, a workshop facilitator for the Louisiana Partnership for the Arts and City of Slidell Arts director, to plan the council’s events for the next two years.

This sort of strategic planning keeps young organizations with ambitious goals, like RRAHC, from getting bogged down with too much to do and too little time or help to do it.

Plans for 1998-99 include a second Arts Luncheon for regional arts and humanities organizations in November at Mara Landrum’s historic home in Gramercy, a membership campaign beginning in the fall, the adult and children’s art shows next year, and several other events which are being researched for feasibility. Amongthose are a Jazz concert/workshop and summer fireworks for 1999. Also planned isan arts directory and a needs assessment for the river region community as a whole.

This is the second year the LPA and Parsons have provided this service to RRAHC. Lastyear, board members met for the first time with Parsons, who gave the group insight into running an arts council based on her many years working in arts administration.

Through her leadership, RRAHC had its first Arts Luncheon last year and this year launched the publication of Segue, its quarterly calendar of events, among other things. That workshop made it clear that RRAHC needed regular mentorship, andParsons willingly accepted that position.

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