Port’s tonnage reports show increaseL’Observateur / July 29, 1998LAPLACE – First-quarter tonnage reports for the Port of South Louisiana show increases in both imports as well as exports, according to recently- released statistics.

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 29, 1998

Total imports increased from 7.3 million short tons in 1997 to 7.6 millionin 1998. The largest increases were in steel, increasing from 485,000 to891,000 short tons.

Adding to that increase was the stone or concrete arriving at Holnam Cement by way of the port’s Globalplex facility in Reserve. At Holnam,imports increased from 270,800 to 612,000 short tons.

Total exports likewise increased from 16.5 million short tons to 17.1million. The largest commodity increase was in soybean, which climbedfrom 4.5 million short tons in the first quarter of 1997 to 5.7 million thisyear.

Other leading export commodities were wheat and edible oils.

The port’s executive director Gary LaGrange commented: “The trend of these first-quarter statistics, in comparison to previous years, indicate a positive sign of things to come not only 1998 but in the long-term future of the Port of South Louisiana.”

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