Larayo takes second straight River Parish Invitational

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 15, 1998

Michael Kiral / L’Observateur / July 15, 1998

NORCO – The Larayo 9-10 year old girls medley relay team established a meet record as the Barracudas took home their second consecutive River Parishes Swim League Invitational title Sunday afternoon at Sun Villa Country Club.

Larayo finished with 422.5 points. League champion Riverlands was secondwith 345 points followed by Belle Terre with 313 and Hill Heights with 264. Lavacherie was fifth with 172 points, followed by host Sun Villawith 160 and Sunny Acres with 67.5.The Barracudas swam to the finish in the 9-10 girls medley relay in a time of one minute, 10.78 seconds, eclipsing the old mark of 1:10.82 setby Riverlands in 1994. Larayo’s relay teams also placed first in the 9-10boys freestyle, the 15-18 boys medley, the 9-10 girls freestyle, the 11- 12 girls medley and the 15-18 girls freestyle. The victories allowed theBarracudas to build on a 250.5-217 lead over Belle Terre after theindividual events.

The Barracudas dominated two age groups, the 6 and under girls and 9-10 year old girls. Katelyn Vitrano took both the freestyle and backstroke inthe 6 and under while Chelsea Watson completed the sweep by winning the breaststroke. In the 9-10, Paige Braud placed first in the freestyle,backstroke and butterfly while teammate Mallory Brooks won the breaststroke.

Other victories for Larayo were by Mark Murphy in the 9-10 boys breaststroke, Christian Montegut in the 15-18 boys freestyle and Courtney Gist in the 11-12 girls breaststroke.

Riverlands was paced by its 13-14 girls freestyle relay team which set a meet record with a time of 53.58, eclipsing that of 53.74 by Sun Villa in1993. Riverlands’ relay teams also won the 9-10 boys medley, the 13-14boys medley and the 13-14 girls freestyle.

Shannon Graver won both the 13-14 boys breaststroke and butterfly for the Stingrays. Bethany Cottingham was also a dual winner, taking first inthe breaststroke and butterfly in the 13-14 girls category.

Belle Terre was led by Corey Laborde whose time of 34.03 in the girls’ 15-18 breaststroke broke the meet record of 34.25 set by Jessica Montegut in1993. Laborde also took first in the individual medley. Blake Gillies placed first in the boys 9-10 freestyle, backstroke and butterfly while teammate Jake Laborde placed first in the 13-14 individual medley and backstroke. Alexis Bailey won three events in thegirls 7-8 age group, placing first in the backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. The Belle Terre relay teams captured the girls medley andfreestyle and the girls 15-18 medley.

Brad Corso of Hill Heights placed first in the 11-12 boys individual medley, backstroke and breaststroke. Carla Lambert won the freestyle,individual medley and butterfly in the 11-12 while older sister Carolann Lambert took home titles in the 13-14 girls individual medley and freestyle. Hill Heights also swept the relays in the 7-8 and 11-12 boysand also won the girls 13-14 medley relay.

Homestanding Sun Villa had four multiple winners. Ashton Duhe took firstin the boys 6 and under freestyle and breaststroke. Matt McCune capturedthe boys 708 freestyle and butterfly while Chris Dixon had victories in the 15-18 individual medley and butterfly. In the girls’ 15-18 age group, ValiLowry placed first in the freestyle and butterfly.

Lavacherie took first in the boys 13-14 freestyle relay and the girls 11- 12 medley relay while Sunny Acres was first in the boys 15-18 medley.

In the closest race in a day full of close races, Riverlands’ Jeff Carcich edged out Sun Villa’s Chris Dixon at the wall, 28.60-28.62 to win the boys15-18 backstroke.

Boys 6 and Under Freestyle: Ashton Duhe, Sun Villa Backstroke: Neil Schexnayder, Riverlands Breaststroke: Ashton Duhe, Sun Villa 7-8 Years Old Freestyle: Matt McCune, Sun Villa Backstroke: Michael Corso, Hill Heights Breaststroke: Jason Melancon, Hill Heights Butterfly: Matt McCune, Sun Villa Medley Relay: Hill Heights Freestyle Relay: Hill Heights 9-10 Year Olds Freestyle: Blake Gillies, Belle Terre Backstroke: Blake Gillies, Belle Terre Breaststroke: Mark Murphy, Larayo Butterfly: Blake Gillies, Belle Terre Medley Relay: Riverlands Freestyle Relay: Larayo 11-12 Year Olds Individual Medley: Brad Corso, Hill Heights Freestyle: Brad Corso, Hill Heights Backstroke: Kevin Braud, Hill Heights Breaststroke: Brad Corso, Hill Heights Butterfly: Richard Lyons, Belle Terre Medley Relay: Hill Heights Freestyle Relay: Hill Heights 13-14 Year Olds Individual Medley: Jake Laborde, Belle Terre Freestyle: J. Becnel, Sunny AcresBackstroke: Jake Laborde, Belle Terre Breaststroke: Shannon Graver, Riverlands Butterfly: Shannon Graver, Riverlands Medley Relay: Riverlands Freestyle Relay: Lavacherie 15-18 Year Olds Individual Medley: Chris Dixon, Sun Villa Freestyle: Christian Montegut, Larayo Backstroke: Jeff Carcich, Riverlands Breaststroke: Adam Gros, Belle Terre Butterfly: Chris Dixon, Sun Villa Medley Relay: Larayo Freestyle Relay: Sunny Acres Girls 6 and Under Freestyle: Katelyn Vitrano, Larayo Backstroke: Katelyn Vitrano, Larayo Breaststroke: Chelsea Watson, Larayo 7-8 Years Old Freestyle: Meghan O’Quinn, Hill Heights Backstroke: Alexis Bailey, Belle Terre Breaststroke: Alexis Bailey, Belle Terre Butterfly: Alexis Bailey, Belle Terre Medley Relay: Belle Terre Freestyle Relay: Belle Terre 9-10 Year Olds Freestyle: Paige Braud, Larayo Backstroke: Paige Braud, Larayo Breaststroke: Mallory Brooks, Larayo Butterfly: Paige Braud, Larayo Medley Relay: Larayo Freestyle Relay: Larayo 11-12 Year Olds Individual Medley: Carla Lambert, Hill Heights Freestyle: Carla Lambert, Hill Heights Backstroke: Brandi Hoover, Riverlands Breaststroke: Courtney Gist, Larayo Butterfly: Carla Lambert, Hill Heights Medley Relay: Larayo Freestyle Relay: Lavacherie 13-14 Year Olds Individual Medley: Carolann Lambert, Hill Heights Freestyle: Carolann Lambert, Hill Heights Backstroke: Lacie Corso, Hill Heights Breaststroke: Bethany Cottingham, Riverlands Butterfly: Bethany Cottingham, Riverlands Medley Relay: Hill Heights Freestyle Relay: Riverlands 15-18 Year Olds Individual Medley: Corey Laborde, Belle Terre Freestyle: Vali Lowry, Sun Villa Backstroke: Monica Scioneaux, Belle Terre Breaststroke: Corey Laborde, Belle Terre Butterfly: Vali Lowry, Sun Villa Medley Relay: Belle Terre Freestyle Relay: Larayo.

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