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Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 8, 1998



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‘Wizard of Oz’ cast announced

L’Observateur / July 8, 1998

RESERVE – Director “Uncle” Wayne Daigrepont recently announced the cast for St. John Theatre’s summer production, “The Wizard of Oz.”The show will run July 17 and 18 and July 22-25 at 7:30 p.m. and at 2:30p.m. on July 19 at the St. John Theatre, 155 W. Fourth St., Reserve.Admission is $8 for adults and $4 for children 12 and under.

Corie Smith stars as Dorothy. Andrew Bond will play the scarecrow, KevinMillet, the Tin Man, and Jim Lockwood, the lion.

Mike Brooks will perform as the professor and wizard; Joanne Mehrtens, Miss Gulch and the witch; Kathy Tuson, Glenda; and Ashley Jolly’s dog, Pepper, will play Toto.

Other cast members are Dianna Duffy, cyclone Dorothy; Gary “Buddy” Boe, doorman; Cindy Schneider, talking tree and chorus; Sing Borne, Auntie Em; Gerald Raccaforte, Uncle Henry; Bill Tuson, Zeke; Clint Scroggs, Hunk; and Vic Bordelon, Hickory.

Munchkins are Chris Hanes, Lester Millet IV, Meghann Mehrtens, Amanda Reeve, Jenna Smith, Magen LeBlanc, Steven Bordelon, Rustin Steib, Andrew Whitman, Bridget Boe, Katie Vance, Lauren Williams, Kesslie Miller, Brooke Bradley, Chanen Dunn, Ashley Bratcher, Kristina Colletta, Kimberly Schexnayder, Mandi Lockwood, Danielle Zeringue, Amanda Monk and Sarah Bordelon.

Winged monkeys are Andrew Whitman, Chanen Dunn, Bridgette Boe, Mandi Lockwood, Brandi Bradley, Samantha Aupied and Bridgette Boe.

Poppies are Amanda Songy, Candace Bergenthal, Mallory Torres, Kate Klibert, Jennifer Wong, Tiffany Allen, Megan Miranda, Sarah Babin, Kaila Bratcher, Monica Millet, Karenique Hawkins, Sarah James, Stephanie Fraisse and Christie Ronan.

Witch’s guards are Dennis Landry, B.J. Monk, David Conran, Nicholas Smith,Craig Boe, Sonny Brenner, Jonathan LeBranche, Curtis Keating, Ryan Monica and Jeremiah Johnson.

Chorus members are Jill Boudreaux, Jenny Phan, Robin Smith, Melissa Giangrosso, Kathryn Kropog, Brittany Howard, Kourtney Bratcher, Meredith Triche, Kristi Gullo, Megan Millet, Cindy Schneider, Jenny Vance, Rachelle Ockman, Georgette Verdin, Megan Hall, Morgan Zeringue, Alyssa Whitman, Lenore Tabor, Kathyrn Bodin and Cherish Kenner.

Ian Kennedy is the assistant director and stage manager.

Technical workers are Freda Mathews, seamstress; Barbara Moras, musical director; Stefany Savoie, choreographer; Jack Snowdy, theatre director; Karen Duffy, publicity; and Heather Halton, makeup.

Other backstage crew members are: Kelly Keating, Margie LeBranche, Kay Reeve, Katie Bardwell, Mandy Sharp, Dustin Sutton, Brittany Brooks, Jennifer Owens, Ashley Simon, Bruce Mehrtens, Ramona Lockwood, Tabby Armstrong, Rolanda Keller, J.D. Labat, Fred Giangrosso, Aaron O’Quinn andC.J. Monk.

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