Thoughts To Ponder While Waiting Out An Lsu Home Run

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 3, 1998

L’Observateur / June 3, 1998

Some thoughts and opinions that passed through my mind while I was waiting for Brad Cresse’s home run to land against Southern (Do not call us Southern Cal) California Saturday (the last time I saw something go that far, it had Hubble written on the side).

And is it not ironic that with all the long shots LSU was hitting, the Tigers’ winning runs would score on a flare over second base? Such is the game of baseball.

* While I was standing for the National Anthem at the Zephyrs’ game Saturday, I got to wondering why with all the American Legion does in sponsoring summer baseball and giving the athletes a chance to develop their skills, that the National Anthem is not played before the games, especially on Memorial Day Saturday.

* Speaking of the Zephyrs, Zephyr Stadium continues to draw rave reviews in its second year. The park was featured on Fox Southwest last week,letting fans throughout the region get a look at the ballpark. There are alot of new features, including the levee in center field, and activities planned this year. For ticket prices ranging from $4 to $8, it is one of thebest forms of entertainment around.

* Hey, who says athletes do not learn from their mistakes? Fred Couples aimed for the fat part of the green on a par-3 with water in front in winning the Memorial by four shots this past weekend. Now, if he had onlydone that at Augusta and Dallas earlier this year.

* Even with Couples on a role and Tiger Woods seemingly getting his game back on track, my early prediction to win the U.S. Open is Justin Leonard.Leonard has the patience needed around the greens needed to tackle a tough Olympic course.

* Just when everybody was saving that spot on the tee box for Michael Jordan (including yours truly), the Bulls step up and win the series against the Pacers. But unless Chicago gets some help from its centers (themeteor in Deep Impact could not create as big of a hole in the middle as the one the Bulls showed against Indiana), this here dynasty will be coming to a quick close.

* Wanted: the bats used by Florida State in rolling through the Atlantic II Regional. If found, please return to Mike Martin, c/o Florida StateUniversity Baseball. Five hits against Arizona State spells two and out and0-for-17 in Omaha for the Seminoles (of course, there is always the football season for FSU fans).

* Finally, here is wishing Dan Quisenberry all the best in his fight against cancer. “The Quiz” was always a winner on and off the field during hisplaying days. Sports need more like him.

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