3 local nurses awarded for making a difference

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 3, 1998

L’Observateur / June 3, 1998

Three nurses from River Parishes Hospital were among this year’s recipients of the “Great 100 Nurses” award recently presented by the New Orleans District Nurses Association. Honorees were Diane Abbondante, R.N.,director of surgical services; Barbara Borden, R.N., staff nurse in labor anddelivery; and Chuck Psajdl, R.N., nursing supervisor.The award is given each year to individuals whose courage, stamina and compassion have made a difference in their workplace. They are nurses whohave exemplified concern for humanity, demonstrated their dedication to the nursing profession and served as mentors to others.

“We are extremely proud of our award recipients,” said B. Ann Kuss, chiefexecutive officer/managing director of River Parishes Hospital. “Theiroutstanding contributions and commitment to the nursing profession are a reflection of the quality care which we offer at River Parishes, and for that, they are to be commended.”Abbondante, who has been with River Parishes Hospital for 15 years, was described as a “patient advocate who believes in nursing as a critical component of healthcare.””Diane is an exemplary nurse whose compassion and desire for excellence define her nursing practice,” said the hospital’s risk manager Kat Bocz who nominated Abbondante for the award. “Diane is a member of the Associationof Operating Room Nurses and utilizes the networking and resources of that organization to keep current and promote competent, high quality, skilled nursing practices in the operating room. As a result, patients undergoingsurgery at River Parishes have a more positive experience.”Warm and caring are the words Joleen Hays, director of labor and delivery, used to describe Borden on her nomination form. A member of the RiverParishes team for nearly 16 years, Borden serves as the hospital’s lactation consultant and teaches a number of classes for new mothers.

“Barbara’s greatest contribution to the nursing profession is her teaching ability. In addition to her regular shift, she is involved in teaching breastfeeding and prenatal classes at least four times a month,” Hays said. “Sheis often contacted at home and is always willing to give of her time freely.”Psajdl was described as a “truly exceptional and compassionate nurse” who has been an asset to the hospital since joining the staff five years ago.

“Chuck has always used his skills as a nursing supervisor to promote and educate his co-workers about current nursing practices. He has alwaysbeen proud to be a part of the nursing profession and firmly believes that no matter how hard or long you work that you must maintain a positive attitude and be proud of what you accomplish,” said Becky McDuffie, secretary for nursing administration and Psajdl nominator.

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