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Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 27, 1998

L’Observateur / May 27, 1998

Is There A Generation Of Darkness In America?

The apparent rising tide of juvenile violence, especially against other juveniles, is frightening. From Arkansas to Oregon the combination offirearms and children is proving lethal, and our society is becoming especially aware of the problems of those teen-agers who live outside the norm. No one knows when or if they will explode into violence.After such incidents, friends and family must come to terms with not seeing the problems as they became manifest. Usually, they can only sayhe seemed “quiet.” What it means is that the youth often refuses tocommunicate with parents and peers, preferring his own dark thoughts.

With school ending for the summer, many of these same disaffected, dysfunctional youths will be on the streets, sometimes unsupervised and posing a potential danger to other people.

Parents must pay attention to their children, even more so than now, as it’s even more important. Few, if any, parents were aware of the violencesimmering just beneath the surface of those children already facing murder charges across the country. It is vital we make ourselves aware.Not every “loner” is a potential murderer, to be sure. However, unless weexpress genuine love, caring and interest in our children every single day, we won’t know and we could lose them.

The overwhelming majority of today’s youth are loving and good children.

The tiny minority often colors perception of youth as a whole, and that’s unfair.

However, as good parents we need to establish loving discipline, instill moral and ethical values and learn to enjoy the company of our children.

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