Faucheux pushes new speed limits for parish

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 13, 1998

L’Observateur / May 13, 1998

BATON ROUGE – Rep. Bobby Faucheux (D-LaPlace) pushed through new speedlimits for major highways in St. John the Baptist Parish during theLegislative session under way.

Faucheux’s resolutions lower speed limits on Airline Highway and River Road in LaPlace. Airline Highway, from West 19th Street in Reserve to theSt. Charles Parish line, is being cut to 45 mph. At the same time, school zones are being established on Airline for East St. John Elementary School and Reserve Christian Academy.”Thousands of children are driven to school on this highway every day,” Faucheux said. “We’ve lost a lot of lives on this stretch of highway, and Ithink much of the danger can be alleviated if the speed limit is lowered and school zones are established. There is nothing more important than thelives of our kids.”River Road in LaPlace, from the Dupont Curve to Main Street, will have its speed limit cut from 40 mph to 35 mph. Faucheux commented lower speedlimits through the stretch of highway will mean a greater degree of safety for the local residents, especially as the road lacks adequate shoulders.

In other activity, Faucheux successfully created the Maurepas State Park Steering Committee. The new group has until Jan. 31, 1999, to select asite for a state park in the Pass Manchac area.

“The area near Interstate 55 and U.S. Highway 51 is full of natural beautyand outstanding recreational opportunities that should be shared,” he said.

“This type of park could have a serious economic impact on the local community in terms of tourism dollars. It would also give citizens of thisarea a place where they can enjoy outdoor activities in scenic natural surroundings.”Finally, Faucheux pushed through resolutions honoring the musical achievements of Allen Toussaint, Lloyd Price and Jelly Roll Morton upon their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Faucheux commented: “These men are pioneers. They helped develop NewOrleans’ unique musical style. They’ve played a huge role in putting ourarea on the map when it comes to jazz, rock-and-roll and rhythm-and- blues. This is a way of saying thanks, and congratulations on beingrecognized on the national level for their contributions in the development of American music.”The session is due to end June 10.

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