Mom’s love strong; win, lose or draw

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 11, 1998

Michael Kiral / L’Observateur / May 11, 1998

When the Lutcher, Riverside and St. Charles Catholic softball teams made the trip to the state playoffs in Alexandria last weekend, they did not make the trip alone. Right behind them on the 200-plus mile trip north were their biggest supporters – their pNell Oberschmidt, mother of St. Charles Catholic first baseman Kristin, had made such trips before. She has cheered victories and experienced the pain of defeat, but through it all, she has been there for her children.”I love it,” Oberschmidt said of going to her children’s games. “I think it is important to a child to have support. I do it because I want to, not because I have to.”All but one of Oberschmidt’s six children played sports in high school. Kristin, her second youngest, is completing her career at St. Charles Catholic after having played volleyball, basketball and softball. And on Saturday night, she ended her career in But whether the Lady Comets had won or lost would not have mattered to Oberschmidt.

“They know I am proud of them,” Oberschmidt said. “Win or lose I am proud of them. I tell them to just do their best and that they are going to have good games and bad games. But I love my kids whether they win or lose.”After this year, Oberschmidt will have one more child in high school – Kate, a sophomore manager for the volleyball team. But Oberschmidt said she will continue to watch the Lady Comets play even when all her own children have graduated.”I am still going to come,” Oberschmidt said. “I know so many of the girls that are playing.”Oberschmidt is also like a mom to so many other children, teaching home day care out of her house. She said it is a job she truly loves.”I like being a mom,” Oberschmidt said. “It was my goal in life. It is important for me to be a mom. The one accomplishment I am proud of the most is my six kids.”

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