Emergency responders learn on ‘Safety Train’

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 6, 1998

Leonard Gray / L’Observateur / May 6, 1998

GARYVILLE – The “Safety Train” arrived this week at Stockhausen, providing emergency responders the opportunity to learn about train tank cars and providing knowledge which can make major differences in emergency situations and can save lives.

Corporate trainers Al Stein and Cal Tobias, of Rohm and Haas Co. of NewJersey, made presentations all week to emergency responders in their two-car train/classrooms.

The boxcar, which is journeying across America, is equipped as a classroom, complete with desks and a model of various types of valves for liquid and high-pressure gas tank cars. Familiarity with the cars can makefor quick and correct response in cases of emergency.

A tank car, built in 1964 but re-fitted in 1989 as a rolling classroom with more sample valves, also provided valuable training for personnel from Stockhausen, Marathon and Nalco, who attended classes Wednesday.

In addition, volunteer firefighters from Garyville and Reserve were given similar training on Monday, Tobias commented.

The training was basic and simple, telling the students how to recognize the different types of liquid and gas transporter rail cars and how to best approach and deal with hazardous situations.

The tank car had four top domes and more than 30 external fittings, representing virtually all the major types emergency responders are likely to encounter. Pressurized air, water and theatrical smoke can be used tosimulate leaks and releases of hazardous materials.

Groendyke Transport Inc. also donated the use of a tank truck for thetraining sessions as well.

Jacqueline Donaldson, environmental and safety manager for Stockhausen, hosted the week of training.

“This has been wonderful!” she commented. “It was excellent training andwas an example of teamwork at its finest. We are all pleased to sponsorsuch a training opportunity.”

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