Sanders selected volunteer of the year at River Parishes

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 22, 1998

Rebecca Burk / L’Observateur / April 22, 1998

LAPLACE – In the spirit of National Volunteers’ Week, River Parishes Hospital held a luncheon Monday to honor the many volunteers who unselfishly donate their time and efforts to the hospital.

The hospital has 37 active volunteers who contributed over 9,000 hours of service during the past year. At the minimum wage rate of $5.15 per hour,those volunteers contributed $46,350 in manpower during the last year, said Lisa Fuglaar, director of marketing.

Although this was the 16th luncheon the hospital held to honor volunteers, hospital staff chose the hospital’s first ever Volunteer of the Year, Janice Sanders, and also recognized 15 other volunteers for the many long hours they have donated to the hospital.

“We appreciate everything you do for us,” Ann Kuss, hospital CEO, said. “Itmeans a lot to a hospital. With all of the changes in healthcare, it’s goingto get harder and harder to run a hospital. But it’s going to be you thathelps us.”Kuss said the main people who need the help of the volunteers are the patients.

“I see that you have a wonderful role in being there for them – to talk to them or just to hold their hand,” she said.

Harold Keller, guest speaker at the luncheon, commended the volunteers for their donated time.

“I want to tell you that you have found the secret of living,” he said. “Westill have an empty spot, and the only thing to fill that is when we get involved in other people’s lives.”Sanders of Reserve has volunteered at the hospital for only a year but has already gained over 1,000 service hours. Hospital administrators say shewas the best candidate for Volunteer of the Year because of her wonderful attitude and helpfulness.

“Janice always – 100 percent of the time – is smiling and helpful,” Sallie Herrle, director of patient care services, said. “She speaks to everyoneand is always cheerful. She goes out of her way to offer help to everyone.””Janice volunteers several mornings a week in the admission office,” Jo Massey, director of the business office, said. “She arrives around 7:30 -earlier than most people go to their paying job. She brings with her eachday her pleasant smile and personality. She greets our patients as if shewere welcoming them into her own home.”Massey added that one time Sanders came in to help all afternoon on a day she wasn’t scheduled because a registration staff member went home for lunch and fell, becoming seriously injured.

“When Janice heard about it she immediately came back to the registration department and stayed all afternoon to help with any task that needed to be done,” Massey said. “The next morning she arrived at6:30 to again do whatever she could to ensure that our patients were registered timely and efficiently.”Sanders, 61, felt honored that she was recognized for the award.

“I’m humbled,” she said. “I am really humbled. I just thank God forallowing me to do all that I do. I like helping people.”Other volunteers honored at the luncheon were Jody Dupuy of LaPlace and Audrey Maurin of Reserve, who both earned 100 hours; Don Migliore, Joy Migliore and Thelma Robinet of Reserve and Dorothy Millet of Garyville, who earned 500 hours; Genie Remondet of Reserve, who earned 1,000 hours; Olean Clay of LaPlace, who earned 2,000 hours; Margaret Roccoforte and Martha Svezia of Garyville, who earned 2,500 hours; Virvin Clark of Garyville, who earned 3,000 hours; Ozeite “Gran” Spears of LaPlace, who earned 4,000 hours; Margie Guidry of Norco, who earned 5,000 service hours; Virginia Haas of LaPlace, who earned 6,500 hours; and Clara Englade of Reserve, who earned 8,500 hours.

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