Editorial: Let’s keep cleaning up in the River Parishes!

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 22, 1998

L’Observateur / April 22, 1998

Cleaning up the River Parishes takes on many forms. Candidates for office always claim to plan a cleanup of local politics. Police officials are always working to clean up crime in the area. However, there’s one way a cleanup in the River Parishes is beinLast weekend, people from all walks of life, estimated to total 80 persons, combed major streets in St. James Parish, cleaning up roadside litter, trimming weeds and cleaning illegal dump sites. Afterwards many of them enjoyed a jambalaya lunch at LutcherOn April 25, St. Charles Parish residents will have the opportunity to drop off old auto tires in the first Tire Bash, sponsored by Swamp Eyes, the same group of ordinary citizens responsible for cleaning up St. Rose Avenue, a once-notorious eyesore of a U.S. Highway 51 between LaPlace and Manchac, once a haven for illegal dumping, resembles more closely a garden site, bucolic in its natural beauty. This is thanks to the efforts of many people from Court of Appeals Judge Thomas Daley to the Lake Maurepas In addition, Jones implemented an inmate work program which regularly cleans up major intersections in LaPlace and which is planned to expand to other places across the parish, east and west banks.

These are but examples of how more people are taking greater pride in the River Parishes. They recognize they are not responsible for the placing of all the trash, but they realize they are responsible if they leave it there and do nothing.Cleaning up in the River Parishes can even create jobs. Industries and businesses considering locating here will look around the potential sites. Given the choice of a community with heaps of trash in the roads, old couches, tires and roof shingles, or a Some people are sprucing up and cleaning up their own houses and yards. Spring cleaning may be the excuse for it, but it’s a good move to improve neighborhoods and it’s part of being a good neighbor, to keep your own house in order.It’s not right to expect someone else to do it all. It’s something we can and should all take part in and take pride in.Everyone can help in this regard, starting at their own homes. They can clean up their yards, work with neighbors to clean up their blocks, join hands with neighborhoods to clean up public roadways and team up to make the River Parishes a cleaner, healthiIt’s a point of pride for the people here, that they care enough for themselves, their children and their neighbors to make living here just a little bit more pleasant.

It’s an easy way to be a good citizen, provide children with a good example and contribute to a better life for everyone.

It’s not hard to help keep the River Parishes clean.

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