22 St. Charles store clerks cited for illegal sales

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 10, 1998

By Leonard Gray / L’Observateur / April 10, 1998

HAHNVILLE – A sweep of summons for sale of alcohol and tobacco to juveniles poured out of the St. Charles Parish Courthouse on March 20 and March 26, according to the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office.

It resulted in nine summonses for illegal alcohol sales and 13 summonses for illegal tobacco sales to underage persons.

St. Charles Sheriff Greg Champagne said each cashier named was issued a misdemeanor summons to appear in court to answer charges.

“This is an ongoing effort to keep kids from obtaining harmful material from local stores,” Champagne said. “We want the cashiers to get into the habit of checking ID’s before making a sale, and we want them to know that if they don’t there is a good chance we will be watching.”

For illegal sale of alcohol to juveniles, the maximum penalty is a fine of not more than $100 or six months in jail. For illegal sale of tobacco to juveniles, the maximum penalty is $50 for the first violation, $100 for the second violation, $250 for the third violation and $400 for any violation afterward.

Sited for illegal alcohol sales were:

* Andy Nguyen, 35, of Economical Supermarket, 15661 River Road, ahnville.

* Tinh Nguyn, 17, of Triangle Food Store, 13499 River Road, Luling.

* Bibi Jameer, 54, 704 Maryland Drive, Luling, of Sam’s Deli, River Road,


* Melissa Oster, 26, Des Allemands, of Circle K Store, U.S. Highway 90, Boutte.

* Henry Adams, 31, 121 Lakewood Apt. 32, Luling, of Gator Stop, 13500 U.S. Highway 90, Boutte.

* Anna Dunn, 38, 7 Bergeron Lane, Paradis, of Champion’s Exxon, 14130 U.S. Highway 90, Boutte.

* Kimberly Dowouis, 18, 384 Up the Bayou Road, Des Allemands, of Jubilee Chevron, 17178 U.S. Highway 90, Des Allemands.

* Peggy Breaux, 43, 149 Carlon Drive, Des Allemands, of Somme’s, 17255 U.S. Highway 90, Des Allemands.

* Melissa Johnson, 19, 201 Riverview Drive, Destrehan, of Race Trac, 521 Almedia Road, St. Rose.

Sited for illegal tobacco sales were:

* Tien Ngyun, 22, 25 Mustang Lane, St. Rose, of Rosie’s Food Store, 11672 River Road, St. Rose.

* Tran Huong, 19, 56-A Brandon Hall Drive, Destrehan, of Kash-N-Karry, 12009 River Road, St. Rose.

* Angel Cellamare, 34, 925 Terrace St., New Sarpy, of Holmes Food Mart, 9025 River Road, Destrehan.

* Kim Dropthmore, 30, 2900 Concordia Drive, LaPlace, of E-Z Serve, 13470 River Road, Destrehan.

* Yvette Fenderson, 26, 813 East Lawson St., New Sarpy, of Circle K Food Store, 1980 Ormond Blvd., Destrehan.

* Rhonda Andry, 33, 718 St. Charles St., Norco, of Juniors Food Mart, 26 Apple St., Norco.

* Zina Jasmine, 38, 217 East Sixth St., Edgard, of Jiff’s 66, River Road and Bernard Avenue, Ama.

* Hoa Thanh Nguyen, 26, 2684 Jupiter St., Harvey, of Triangle Food Store, River Road and Paul Maillard Road, Luling.

* Nicole Brown, 19, 136 David Court, Luling, of Boutte Mobil, 13299 U.S. Highway 90, Boutte.

* Jack Bosworth, 18, 105 St. Nicholas St., Luling, of Spur Station, 12361 U.S. Highway 90, Luling.

* Alicia Farve, 19, 110 Lance Lane Apt. 11-B, Luling, of Lakewood Shell, 12139 U.S. Highway 90, Luling.

* Myla Petetant, 20, 304 Boutte Estates Drive, Boutte, of Shell Pardners, U.S. Highway 90 and Paul Maillard Road, Boutte.

* Deebra Kruse, 47, 214 Wisner St., Paradis, of 14130 U.S. Highway 90, Paradis.

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