Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 8, 1998

By Harold Keller / L’Observateur / April 8, 1998


Growing up in Reserve and belonging to St. Peter Catholic Church, I canstill remember Easter Sunday being a special holiday. On that day everyonewent to church. Ladies and young girls wore their Easter dresses. In thosedays, the heads of women had to be covered, so not only did most of them have new dresses, but all had new hats. What an Easter parade that was!Another thing I remember is that Easter Sunday was the official opening of the River Parish Baseball League. Teams from Convent, Sorrento,Gonzales, Gramercy, Lutcher, Reserve, LaPlace, Norco, Luling, Vacherie and Ama made up the league. If your team played at home that day, it wasconsidered a special treat.

I also remember that as a young boy I was so anxious to become old enough to attend the Easter Sunday Men’s Mass. The rule was, but not officially,that one had to be 13 years of age to attend.

When my turn finally came to wake up early and go to the “Men’s Mass,” as it was called, I really thought I had arrived! The mass was at 5 a.m. Ladieswere not allowed to attend. The church would be packed – standing roomonly. The confession lines on Saturday afternoon and again on Sundaybefore mass were at least a 45-minute to an hour wait. Men who never setfoot in church during the year came this one day to make their “Easter duties.” In other words, to allow them to continue in their pride and not beseen attending mass by the women in the community.

It’s a blessing that tradition is now ended. Some men continue to be proudand, in their arrogance, just refuse to go to church.

This Easter holiday, I hope we can focus on what Christians are supposed to be celebrating.

Friday, we acknowledge the death of Jesus. He was crucified for ouriniquities. He paid it all for the sins of man. Of course, for us to claim thevictory of the Cross, we have to repent and allow Jesus to be the Lord of our lives. We have to ask Him into our hearts. He knocks at the door, butwe have to invite Him in.

Sunday, we will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. As Christians, wetalk more about the birth and death of Jesus than we do about the resurrection. It’s by His resurrection that He defeated death. He is alivetoday! That’s the miracle! The following is a song that I’ve heard sung in church many times. Allowme to share the words with you.

“He came from heaven to Earth to show the way, From the Earth to the Cross, my debt to pay, From the Cross to the Grave, From the Grave to the Sky, Lord, I lift Your Name on high.”

This Sunday, let’s celebrate His resurrection and victory over death! Have a happy holiday!

Harold Keller is a regular columnist for L’Observateur.

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