Carnival fever strikes the River Parishes

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 18, 1998

By Leonard Gray and Michael Kiral / L’Observateur / February 18, 1998

LULING – Carnival fever strikes the River Parishes this weekend with four top-line parades in St. Charles and St. John the Baptist parish. On Saturday, the 21st annual Krewe of Lul parade and the 14th annual Krewe of Towahpasah in Reserve, are both set at 1 p.m.On Sunday, the 25th annual Krewe du Monde rolls at 1 p.m. in LaPlace andthe 4th annual Krewe of Des Allemands parade rolls at 2 p.m.At Monday’s meeting of the St. Charles Parish Council, royalty of each St.Charles Parish krewe were presented with the Key of St. Charles Parish,commemorative scrolls and a request to “put aside cares” for this weekend. Recognition was also made to the 1997 Grand Marshal for Lul,Lena Lacroix, and the 1998 Grand Marshal, Lydia Bergeron.

First up, the Krewe of Lul, led by King Rene and Queen Mae Champagne, will organize on Angus Drive and proceed to Paul Maillard Road, where it will turn right and proceed to River Road. At that point, the parade will turnright onto River Road and continue to Sugarhouse Road, where it will greet the reviewing stand and continue to Angus Drive and disband.

The Krewe of Lul’s directors include Jerry Melancon, Shirley Gaubert, Jerry “Jay” Gomez Jr., Russell Lauve and Wanda Candies.The Krewe of Towahpasah will organize at the old firehouse near Central Avenue and River Road, proceed upriver to West Eighth Street, turn and head to Railroad Avenue and hop onto Northwest Fourth Street and around to Northwest Third, back to Railroad, down West Second Street to River Road, back up West First to Railroad and to Central Avenue back to the Riverfront Lounge, where a public party will follow the parade.

Next up on Sunday, the Krewe of Des Allemands, led by King Merlin and Queen Gladys Schaubhut, will line up on Louisiana Highway 631, from where it will turn right on Whitley Drive to U.S. Highway 90. From there,the parade turns west, through Des Allemands and right on DeJean Lane.

The parade then turns right on Old Spanish Trail and back to Highway 631 to Lorraine Drive, where it will disband.

The Krewe of Des Allemands is directed by Rebecca Dufrene, Brenda Folse, Janet Folse, Jeanne Fonseca, Lynn Pickett, Alfred Cortez, Rosalind Lewis, Lisa Breaux, Sherry Folse and Tammy Breaux.

Both krewes select as their royalty lifelong residents of their respective communities.

“Krewe Du Monde XXV Visits the Noble Houses of Europe” is the theme of this year’s Krewe Du Monde, as the krewe celebrates its 25th Silver Jubilee.

The 20-float parade will begin at 1 p.m. at the intersection of Belle TerreDrive and Fairway Drive. The parade will proceed down Fairway beforetaking a right at Madewood Road.

From there, the procession will make a right onto Greenwood Drive and pass in front of LaPlace Elementary School. It will continue on Greenwoodbefore taking a left onto Carrollwood Drive and crossing Airline Highway to West 5th Street.

The parade will then make a left on West Fifth and proceed to Main Street.

It will then make a left onto Main before dispersing at the intersection of Main and Airline Highway.

The marching bands of East St. John High School, The Glade Middle Schooland Leon Godchaux Junior High will perform and the Shriners will be riding in their dune buggies.

The groups with floats in the parade have been asked to decorate them with an European country in mind. Throws include beads, cups with thekrewe’s logo, medalions with the krewe’s crest and purple, green, gold and red doubloons. Special throws include solid bronze coins and tri-colordoubloons.

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