St. Peter’s committee wants Eyraud declared a saint

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 9, 1998

By Susan Stewart / L’Observateur / February 9, 1998

RESERVE – A committee at St. Peter’s Catholic Church is trying to get aformer priest declared a saint.

Members of the Sainthood Committee for the Cause of the Right ReverendMonsignor Jean M. Eyraud are attempting to have the man who served aspastor of the church for 47 years, from 1916 to 1963, canonized.

“According to many of us, he was a very holy man,” Jack Snowdy, publicitychairman of the committee, said. Eyraud began his priesthood at St. Peter’s at the age of 36. He died at age88 and was buried on the church grounds.

The committee recently sent a letter and a copy of Eyraud’s biography toCorinne “Lindy” Boggs, U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, drawing herattention to the cause in an effort to expedite the lengthy canonizationprocess, which in some cases takes up to 50 years.Two of the things the Vatican looks for prior to naming someone a saint”is the person’s holiness of life,” according to the Rev. Pat Sanders,presiding pastor at St. Peter’s.According to both Sanders and the committee, Eyraud exemplifiedqualifying characteristics through his devotion and promotion of spiritual,moral and social welfare.

“That would means he lived the Christian virtues in an extraordinary way- the virtues of faith, hope and love and the life that we’re called to liveby reading the gospel of Jesus Christ,” Sanders said. “People’s memoriesof him are undoubtedly of a man who reached out to all people. He spoke tosomeone with the same respect and dignity no matter what or who theywere.”

“He has a record here I don’t think any other pastor has ever beat,”Sanders added, referring to Eyraud’s years as priest and hisaccomplishments.

Among them, Eyraud founded and established two Reserve parochialschools, St. Peter’s School and Our Lady of Grace Catholic School.

“It was a dream of his to develop a religious education program in theRiver Parishes,” said Most Reverend Francis Schulte, Archbishop of NewOrleans.

“what we’re doing now is we’re trying to move forward his cause forcanonization to be named as a saint by the pope, and what is necessary forthat is that to collect information and stories about his life that inspireothers,” Sanders said.

The committee must document two miracles through the intercession ofMonsignor Eyraud.

The belief is that, Eyraud, in heaven, hears the prayer, offers the prayer toLord and then the person’s request is granted. “And the Vatican is very strict on proving that,” Sanders said, “but thereare many, many saints in the history of the church, so we believe inmiracles.”

The intercessory prayer on behalf of the cause of sainthood for Right Rev.Monsignor Jean M. Eyraud reads:

Dear Msgr. Eyraud…

Chosen priest of God, because of your piety, humility, devotion to duty,Lover of the Sacred heart of Jesus, I believe that you are with God.

Your kindness and guidance as a leader, a shepherd, a father isunforgettable. You have been a Divine model to both saint and sinner. Allwho came to know you always came away refreshed and comforted.

Msgr. in the named of Jesus Christ, the son of God, Mary, the Queen ofHeaven, listen today to my special needs..(mention them here )… andintercede that my request may be granted for the greater glory of God.

As the Eternal High Priest bestowed his blessings on you while on earth, Ipray that he will choose you to bring peace in my life.Hail Mary…Our Father…Glory be…Oh Lord, if it is your Holy will, please let Msgr. Jean Eyraud be declared asaint of the church so others may know and imitate his holy life.

If after reading about his life and praying for his intersession, a personfeels they were granted a miracle through Monsignor Eyraud’sintersession, contact a member of the committee so the miracle may bestudies and included in his Cause for Sainthood.


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