Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 29, 1998

By Michael Kiral / L’Observateur / January 23, 1998

LAPLACE – E.D. White held off St. Charles Catholic’s comeback attempt inthe second half Saturday afternoon, defeating the Comets, 3-2, in aDistrict 8-III soccer match at Thomas Dupuy Memorial Stadium.

The district-leading Cardinals improved to 8-2 overall and 5-0 in districtplay. St. Charles Catholic fell to 5-4-1 overall and 2-3 in District 8-III.The Cardinals went on the attack in the opening minutes of the game. EricTate tried a header off a sidekick in front of the net but had his attemptsail wide right. Evan Raymond followed with another header off a sidekickbut his attempt sailed over the net. St. Charles Catholic goalie PhilipHoffman also grabbed two saves.

E.D. White finally broke the deadlock as Raymond took a turnover in frontof the Comets’ net and angled a shot to the right of Hoffman, giving theCardinals a 1-0 lead nine minutes into the contest.

The Comets had a chance to tie the game minutes later but Cardinalsgoalie Jaques Gaudet intercepted a centering pass to Allan Doubleday infront of the net. Doubleday was able to get off a shot but had his attemptdeflect off the right goalpost.St. Charles Catholic tied the score 22 minutes into the game as Doubledaytook a pass from Bret Deroche along the right sideline and blasted a shotinto the left corner of the net.E.D. White regained the lead shortly after as Lee Ledet took a clearing passfrom the Cardinals goalie behind the St. Charles Catholic defense andmoved in on the Comets goal. Ledet angled a shot to the left corner thateluded Hoffman, bounced off the left goal post and bounded into the net 26minutes into the game.

St. Charles Catholic responded as Deroche took the ball down the leftsideline, juked out his defender and fired a shot on goal. But Gaudet wasthere to make the save and keeping the Cardinals in the lead.

E.D. White extended its lead to 3-1 late in the first half as Raymond took apass in the center of the field, moved in on goal and blasted a shot to theleft of Hoffman for his second goal of the game.

Ledet had a chance to build on that lead later in the half as he took aclearing pass behind the Comets’ defense and moved in on goal. But theComets were able to recover to force Ledet to shoot wide left of the net.E.D. White had another chance to pull further ahead at the start of thesecond half but Hoffman was able to make a diving save of Tate’s shot ongoal.

A key pass downfield by Deroche set up the Comets’ second goal. After agood defensive play by the Cardinals set up a sidekick, Justin Chauvin tookthe kick from the side and punched it into the net six minutes into thehalf.

Another good pass by Jeffrey James down the field had the Comets on theattack again moments later. Chauvin again moved in on goal but a gooddefensive stand by Justin Verret prevented the Comets from tying thescore.

The Comets kept up the attack as Doubleday attempted to center a pass toJason Brignac but had it knocked away by Nick Grabert. The Cardinals thenbroke downfield but Deroche was able to stop Ledet breaking in on goal.Later in the half, Brignac grabbed the ball at midfield and passed toChauvin downfield. Chauvin was tripped up on the play, resulting in apenalty kick. Christian Panquerne attempted the shot but had it sail rightof the goal.

St. Charles Catholic continued to threaten as Brignac broke in on goal buthad his shot slide inches right of the net. James then passed to Doubledayin the left corner whose shot was snared by Gaudet with a leaping save.James would have two more shots on goal in the waning minutes butGaudet was there each time to make the grab.

“We made a few mistakes with the ball in the first half and gave up a feweasy goals,” St. Charles Catholic coach Norman Brignac said. “But I can’tsay enough about my boys. They came back in the second half and reallypushed them hard. We just got too far behind. You can’t give a team likethat a two-goal lead.”

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