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Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 4, 1998

By GEOFFREY MICHEL / L’Observateur / January 4, 1998

As we’ve been looking forward to the New Year, I couldn’t help but think of some of the issues I would like to see resolved in 1999. Below are things that I hopewill happen in the new year. Some are serious, and some are less than serious. I hope they fix that pesky Y2K bug. We can send people into space but cannotfix a program on a computer.

I hope William Jefferson Clinton is impeached. Anybody who does what he didand lies about it should not be in the highest office in the United States.

I hope college football comes up with a playoff instead of letting the computer decide the champion.

I hope Neil Armstrong does not decide to go back into space. John Glenn’s tripwas enough.

I hope someone is finally arrested in the Jon Benet Ramsey murder case. Thepolice work has been sloppy, and a famous man is heavily scrutinized. Soundfamiliar? I hope my Paw-Paw Michel wins the lottery because that may be my only chance to get a Lamborghini.

I hope Sheriff Wayne Jones keeps doing the excellent job he is doing, and that teens start to show more respect for law officials.

I hope my wonderful family can start being on time for church and other things. Also, that we can do something without reviewing and changing plans alot of times. (Maybe that’s why we are always late). I hope a shelter is provided in the River Parishes for abused women and children.

And finally, I hope that we do not miss the year 1999 by looking ahead to the year 2000. We have 365 days we can cherish, Let’s make the most of it.In closing, I hope these issues will be accomplished. Have a Happy New Year! Ifyou have any questions or comments, please write to me at or P.O. Box 1493, LaPlace, La. 70068.

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