Blessed to know wonderful mothers

Published 3:46 am Thursday, May 4, 2023

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As we celebrate Mother’s Day on May14, allow me to pay tribute to four of the most successful mothers that I’ve known.  All of them are part of my family.  I don’t deserve or take credit for the role they have played in being unselfish, loyal, and loving mothers.


The credit goes to the first one I honor, who happens to be my wife, Jeanne, and the mother of the other three, who are my daughters.


The oldest, Ronny, has raised one boy and four girls.  She has always been there to discipline, encourage, and motivate each one to be the best that they can be while being considerate of others.  She has eight grandchildren.


Kay, (now deceased) was the glue that kept her family together.  She wanted her son, her three daughters, and her seven grandchildren to enjoy life and deprived herself to give them their heart’s desire.  If ever there was a giver, it was Kay.  She was the prime example of love – always giving and not expecting anything in return.


As we honor Kay this day, we thank God for the 56 years He gave us with her.  She was a special gift.  We miss her more than anyone can imagine and believe that we will see her again one day.


My youngest daughter, Ann, has two girls and six grandchildren.  She, like her mother, is quiet, humble, never complaining, and always looking for a way to be with her family.  She is a blessing to everyone who knows her and to all of our family.


To all mothers – Have a great day!  You deserve it!


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