Indiana musician influenced by St. John Parish upbringing

Published 10:17 am Saturday, April 15, 2023

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LAPLACE — Troy Henry has worked behind the scenes in the music business for the past 20 years, assisting others with writing songs and serving as a mentor to budding musicians. Now he is stepping back into the spotlight with the release of his newest single, “Treat Her Like a Queen.”

“It was finally time to do something for myself,” Henry said. “I’m older now, and I have a lot of experience under my belt. I have a lot to write about.”

While Henry currently resides in Indiana, his journey as a singer and songwriter started with his upbringing in St. John the Baptist Parish in the 1970s and 80s.

Henry looked up to musicians like Cardell and Larry Joseph in Triad, a band based in Reserve. He had a chance to perform with the brothers when he was 13 years old, and he’ll never forget them commenting on how strong his vocals were at such a young age. Triad also introduced Henry to the idea of pairing an instrument with his vocals, and it is because of their influence that he plays the keyboard today.

Southern music teacher Clarence Crayton was another inspiration, in addition to the popular St. James Parish band Sweet Wine.

“I had an opportunity when I was in school to check out Sweet Wine. They waited until I was out of school, and then I was traveling all over the parish with them. I got a lot of experience from opening up for major artists with them,” Henry said. “After that, I tried to settle down and do something different.”

Henry’s music carries the feel-good beats of old school R&B and a message he hopes the world will resonate with.

“I wrote ‘Treat Her Like a Queen’ because a lot of values have changed, and I don’t see a lot of men really worshipping women anymore. I don’t hear it a lot in music. I feel like we are degrading women with the music that’s out there when men should be treating women like queens,” Henry said.

Henry counts himself lucky to have found a woman who completes his life and who has stood by his side as he pursues his dreams.

According to Henry, “Treat Her Like a Queen” is also dedicated to Breonna Taylor and Sandra Bland, two young women who died at the hands of law enforcement and have not received justice.

Since the single has been taking off, Henry plans to release a remix this summer featuring hip-hop legends Derek Robertson and Precise.

“We want to release it right when everyone is spending time outside, barbecuing,” Henry said. “It’s been a long time coming, but people can definitely expect to see more music coming from me soon. I’m in it to win it.”

Henry teased that his next single will expand upon the message of “Treat Her Like a Queen” by reminding women that “you don’t have to be a side piece.”

Henry’s music is available on all major streaming platforms.