How’s your day going?

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 22, 2023

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I was walking toward the back of Dollar Tree and could feel it coming on. I rarely get headaches, but the beginning of one is obvious to me. I grabbed what I needed and stood in the checkout line with one thought – get home and take an Excedrin. The advantages of living within a mile of Dollar Tree are many, but being able to get home quickly was at the top of the list that day.

Once home, I opened the top cabinet, pulled out a plastic basket, and rummaged through it. Other pain relievers and fever reducers were shoved aside then removed from the basket, but still no Excedrin was found. I wondered who in the world, well, who in my world, would empty or remove a bottle without replacing it.

I toyed with the idea of taking something else, but opted to drive to Walgreens. The advantages of living within a mile of Walgreens are also many… I found what I was looking for, walked toward the register to make my purchase, and felt the headache leave. Although I was in no pain, I bought the medicine anyway.

As I walked toward the cabinet to put it away, I ran into the cabinet door I had left open. The side of my temple hurt much more than the previous headache. I looked at the bottle in my hand, opened it, and swallowed two tablets.

So how’s your day going?


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