Letter to the Editor

Published 1:11 am Wednesday, November 2, 2022

I received the strangest call this past week related to a post on Facebook concerning this statement. Louisiana REQUIRES school districts to ONLY use curriculum recommended by the LDOE and approved by BESE…. There are NO options!!!!
LDOE says standards and curriculum are not the same thing.
Standards are the basic descriptors of what students are expected to learn at each grade level. A curriculum is how the standards are taught. A curriculum includes the set of textbooks, worksheets, workbooks and other materials a teacher uses to teach the standards. In Louisiana, while the state provides guidance, districts choose curriculum. The state does not mandate any specific curriculum.
LDOE states that Louisiana students are just as capable as any other group of students across our country or in the world, but they are lagging behind their peers in parishes where we have large amounts of uncertified teachers that are not trained in what programs are being used in our schools. Where is the accountability in hiring certified teachers? Where is the accountability when a district chooses Tier I Curriculum and, according to employees, are using the materials that do not match the standard? We lost core (certified) teachers because of these problems. Tier I Curriculum was chosen by a team at “The Power of You” Administrative Institute in 2018 with a promise of making St. John a Top 10 District. In 2018, the administration stated that the best is yet to come and we are on the cusp (point of transitioning) of greatness. We have been transitioning for a few years with promises made that have little clearing to walking hand in hand and doing this together (improving our school system).
Again, Friendships and Kingships will not move the Needle of Success for Our Children, the Students of St. John the Baptist Parish. Act I did Not Stop School Boards from working together to choose the best superintendent for our parish.
Don’t Go To Sleep On Our Education System, Our Economy, Our Future which includes every Citizen (TaxPayers) in the Parish. Look at each board member check records as they are right now! Vote accountability! Vote out who you know! Vote for responsibility to promises made like “Town Hall/Community Meetings like promised during the last board election.

Citizen Jean
Carolyn Jean Batiste