God loaned Kay to us

Published 1:02 am Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Over the years, I’ve known many parents who have lost children. I never thought Jeanne and I would ever experience such a tragedy.

Four years ago, on October 29, one of our children, Kay, passed away after three weeks in the hospital. None of us knew Kay was sick, except her. She never complained, regardless of the suffering. When the doctors or nurses would ask her how she was doing, she always said, ‘I’m OK.’

I’ve always boasted that Kay and her siblings, Ronny, Matt and Ann, were the most unselfish and compassionate people that I knew. They were just like my dad – their grandfather whom they never knew.

Kay’s three weeks in the hospital was a time that God gave the family a chance to show our love for her and, especially, for each other.

When she passed away at 8 a.m. the morning of October 29, 2018, she was surrounded by family. It was a sad ending for us of a life well-lived and always ready to give.

As we left the hospital, I told Jeanne, ‘It was in a hospital 55 years ago that God gave us a gift – a beautiful, healthy baby whom we named Kay.  Today, in another hospital, we were blessed to be present as God called Kay to come home.’

Does it hurt? More than anyone will ever know.

Is that the end of Kay’s life? Yes, but only her physical life.

Jeanne and I stand on Proverbs 23:18, “For surely there is a hereafter, and hope has not been cut off.”

God loaned us Kay for 55 short years, but we’ll spend eternity with her and her Heavenly Father.


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