Young athlete spotlight: 1st and 10 with Alex Ross

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Randall Campbell (NNPR): This is the Nick Network Prep Report we are sitting here with Alex Ross, Riverside class of ’23, who plays offensive lineman for the Rebels. I took the time to sit down and just get an in-depth look at Mr. Ross, who is an outstanding piece of the Riverside Rebels offense.

NNPR: Alex, just tell us about you. Give us some insight into the person Alex is.

Alex: I’m Alex Ross, at football player at Riverside, I like playing with my brothers and winning with my brothers.

NNPR: What’s your favorite sport and why?

Alex: Football, because I like to hit people without getting in trouble. I let all my anger and my frustrations out on the field.

NNPR: What’s your favorite meal?

Alex: My favorite game day meal is shrimp alfredo, but my favorite meal is really Rotel dip.

NNPR: We know that you are a multisport athlete and you are football player, but what is your all time favorite?

Alex: My first love is basketball. I would play basketball all the time, every summer.

NNPR: Who is your role model?

Alex: My dad is my role model. He always showed me no matter where you come from you can always make it to where you wanna go.

NNPR: I know you stated you would like to go to UTSA. Who is your favorite football player?

Alex: My favorite football play is Deion Sanders.

NNPR: Tell us something about you that we don’t know?

Alex: I like science a lot. I don’t know quite what it is, but there’s a lot of things uncovered in science and it interests me.

NNPR: Where would you want to see yourself in the next five years?

Alex: If I’m not playing football in the next five years, I’d like to see myself owning a business, a company, being able to buy a trucking company or something like that.

NNPR: How are you playing for your new coach?

Alex: Whatever I don’t know technique wise or whatever I need to learn or recruiting, I know that he can help me because he’s coach o-line at the next level. I went from left tackle to left guard to help my team at my size and stature, it would benefit me while helping my team. Riverside has been great. I am very happy with the support from my teachers. They treated me well and it’s a great environment.

NNPR: How do you feel blocking for dynamic players, such as Gage when you had to block him?

Alex: We always had to make the biggest holes because he would make a play out of nothing. He was always so dynamic and explosive.

NNPR: Do you realize the significance you have made being able to block for players such as Gage and Bill within your own career?

Alex: Sometimes I wasn’t always focused on them reaching their goals, I was focused on me playing with my brothers for them to do what they want to do.

NPPR: What about the translation of you going from a tackle to a guard and how it affected your teammates from your perspective?

Alex: Changing from outside to the interior allowed me to be able to open up more of the cut back lanes and makes for a more versatile playbook calling for the offense.

NNPR: What is the most memorable quote any of your high school coaches have spoken to you?

Alex: “If you’re gonna die on the field, you might as well lay it all down right now.”