Ali Burl runs for School Board re-election in District 2

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, October 5, 2022

GARYVILLE — Allow me to extend my sincere expression of gratitude and appreciation for your continued support of me throughout the past 15 years as the District 2 member of St. John Parish School Board.  Respectfully, I now ask for your continued prayers and support, as I, Albert “Ali” Burl of Garyville, pursue re-election.

I am a graduate of East St. John High and hold a bachelor’s in political science from Southern University at Baton Rouge; in addition to, being a licensed funeral director and embalmer certified through Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service in Houston, Texas. I am the Director of the 40th JDC Adult Court, as well as a funeral director with Hobson Brown Funeral Home in Garyville. Since being elected as a member of the school board in 2007, I have been privileged to serve on the State Democratic Central Committee for Dist.57 and the St. John Parish Democratic Executive Committee.

I subserviently desire to seek re-election in my quest to continue to serve my community by rendering the pinnacle of service through programs that will ensure our children excellent educational and academic standards that will ultimately facilitate a master plan for the future of public education in our parish.

As a 15+ year board member who has held the positions of vice-president, president, and chairman of the Land and Facilities Committee, we have faced and over-come many obstacles.  We persevered and accomplished insurmountable challenges including, but not limited to, the reopening of East St. John High and the rebuilding of Lake Pontchartrain after the devastation of Hurricane Isaac in our community. We had to restore the former East St. John Elementary school, which is now East St. John Preparatory, after it was consumed by fire.

Under my tenure, the district opened a new STEM high school, secured monies for new roofs at Garyville-Mt. Airy Magnet and Fifth Ward Elementary schools, updated the HVAC systems at schools throughout the district and achieved universal Pre-K availability.

My objectives for my new term are to push for educational equity enabling all schools to perform at the highest level, push for a change to the calculation of the MFP in relation to, how it funds school systems after state-approved pilot programs, continue to advocate for the restructure how private entities enter into lease agreements with the Port of South Louisiana to avoid paying ad valorem taxes, and to advocate for more dual enrollment classes. While I’m in favor of businesses relocating to St. John Parish, generating jobs and sales tax revenue, as a School Board Member, I feel obligated to push for a fair share of property taxes, so our school system can compete with neighboring parishes for employees salaries. The additional benefit of better schools, allows residents to invest into their homes, thereby increasing their property values, and limiting the need to pay for their child’s education. Please vote Albert “Ali” Burl #60 as I continue to strive to serve our children and live by the motto, “Education is our passport to the Future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”