House Ways and Means Committee to Study the Elimination of the Income Tax

Published 9:54 am Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Baton Rouge, LA – The House Ways and Means Committee has scheduled its first meeting to discuss broad reforms to Louisiana’s tax system, including the elimination of the personal income tax. The meeting on September 13 is being held pursuant to House Resolution 178 of the 2022 Legislative Session sponsored by Rep. Richard Nelson of Mandeville.
“It is no secret that our tax structure is broken, and it drives people and companies out of our state,” said Nelson. “We have long been dependent upon our abundant resources to prop up failed policies. If we want Louisiana to compete in a modern economy, we need a fundamental restructuring of our tax system.”
In the legislature, Nelson has been a major proponent of the elimination of the income tax. In 2021, he sponsored a package of bills to phase out the personal and corporate income tax and replace them with locally administered property taxes.
The committee is expected to have multiple meetings to hear from local government, business, and non-profit stakeholders. Nelson expects the work of the committee to be captured in legislation introduced in the 2023 legislative session.