Constitutional Minute: What if the NFL did not hire referees?

Published 7:30 am Sunday, July 24, 2022

Presently, the NFL makes the rules for professional football. They train and hire the referees to keep the players within those established rules and the rules are uniform throughout the country.

For example, every team must advance the ball ten yards to keep possession of the ball. That’s the rule. It’s not nine yards for one team and twelve yards for another.

This keeps the game consistent for everyone throughout the country…not only for the teams, but for the fans as well.

But…what if the NFL did not hire the referees? Instead, what if the fans voted to elect the referees?

Would you, as a voting fan, want (and need) to have a working knowledge of the rules so that you could make the most informed vote? And wouldn’t an informed vote mean better referees?

Of course it would!

The same principle holds true for the election of our government officials at all levels.

Think of the voters as those whose job it is to elect representatives to keep the government within the rules WE established.

The rules WE established for the federal government are in the US Constitution.


Bob Hilliard

Buffalo, Texas