Endure the rocky places to find answered prayers

Published 4:08 pm Wednesday, July 20, 2022

When I feel there’s been a delay in the answer to my prayers, God reminds me of last year’s trip to Colorado with two daughters, a son-in-law, and four granddaughters.

My daughter Monique planned the vacation, which promised snow-related activities. As our plane landed, my daughter Lauren said, “I don’t see any snow.”

“We’re not there yet,” Monique said.

My son-in-law Frank drove from the rental car lot in a vehicle we filled. He and Monique sat in front, 2-year-old Caroline sat between Lauren and I in the second seat, and the other three granddaughters were in the third.

“I still don’t see snow,” Lauren said.

“We’re two hours away,” Monique said.

Once out of Denver we heard Lauren again: “All I see are red rocks. No snow.”

“Just wait. We’re on the way,” Monique said.

Some form of this conversation was repeated until Caroline, affected by increasing altitude, began to projectile vomit.

I grabbed wipes and everything else I could find in the carryon wedged between the seat and my legs and started to clean up. Lauren curled into the fetal position, now content with staring at rocks, and covered her nose and mouth.

Caroline settled down as snow-covered mountains came into view. Lauren was in awe and for the next few days repeated versions of “This is so beautiful. I’m moving here.”

While the rest of us sat in the hot tub one night, Lauren, dressed in the Elsa costume and wig she’d packed, burst onto the deck singing, “Let It Go.”

We enjoyed the activities just as Monique had promised, but we had to drive through rocky places, and deal with Caroline, to get there.

Sometimes in life, you experience hard, messy places, to get to the mountaintop experiences you’re praying for.

Ask Lauren.


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