Small bites 7/17

Published 8:00 am Sunday, July 17, 2022


The experts say that your rubber tires will not stop lightning from striking your car, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC]. It’s a lesson that Mr. and Mrs. Edward Whalen learned the hard way as they were driving in a storm near Tampa, FL recently.  Edward was in his truck and Michelle was behind him in her car when a bolt of lightning struck the truck and proceeded to hit her car. It was a fierce storm and it was all caught on video. A county deputy, Kristen Miceli, happened to be driving in the next lane and saw the whole thing. No one was injured.





If you are old enough, you may recall the frenzy Brigitte Bardot and her bikini caused around the world in the 1952 French film The Girl in the Bikini, recall the folks at the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC]. At first it was scandalous. Some 68 years later, we’ve become accustomed to the skimpy swim suit. But the fact is that the bikini actually made its debut in 1946 when on July 5th fashion icon Louis Reard first introduced the two piece bathing suit. Because it was so “explosive” he named it the “bikini” after America’s famous nuclear test that took place on Bikini Atoll in July of 1945. Thus, the annual celebration of International Bikini Day takes place on July the 5th.




Ritzy spuds

A side of French fries goes for a couple of bucks in most eateries, says the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC]. But at the pricey Serendipity3 restaurant on the Upper East Side of Manhattan they don’t call them French fries, they call them Creme de la Creme Pommes Frites and they will set you back $200. After all it’s not just potatoes fried up by a hash slinger, it takes a genuine culinarian to do the cooking and a list of ingredients that few of us have ever encountered: Chipperbeck potatoes, Dom Perignon Champagne, J. LeBlanc French Champagne Ardenne Vinegar, cage-free goose fat from France, Guerande Truffle Salt, truffle oil, Crete Senesi Pecorino Tartufello cheese, shaved black summer truffles from Italy, truffle butter, organic A2 100% grass fed cream from Jersey Cows, Gruyere Truffled Swiss Raclette and a topping of 23-karat edible gold dust.



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